Feature of products:

1. Function: commodity & artwork & gift

2. Green Material (import acrylic):

A: low-carbon

B: strong impact resistance (16 times of that of ordinary glass)

C: 92% of light transmission, own the reputation of “plastic crystal”

D: environmental protection, recyclable

3. Easy maintenance: clean with water and soft cloth

4. Widely use for different kinds of display, rack, holder and stand.

When outfitting an animal supplies shop, you’ll want to start with the most basic and essential of store fixtures – shelving! These types of shelves are some of the most accommodating pet store displays because they can hold all kinds of merchandise. Line up standard gondola shelving to create store aisles and then stock their wide shelves with all sorts of items, like dog food, cat litter, toys, beds, and crates.

Other options in pet store shelving include slatwall displays, pegboard spinners, and wire racks. Depending on the size of your merchandise, you’re sure to find the pet shop fixtures for you among this great selection. For example, our pegboard spinners are great for holding smaller dog toys or bags of kitten treats, while our larger wire racks can hold crates, fish tanks, and scratching posts. What’s better than a multi-faceted display for holding all your pet store supplies?

Once you’ve stocked your business with fixtures like racks and shelving, it’s time to move on to smaller, but just as important store displays – signs! Signage of all shapes, sizes, and materials is necessary for a smoothly running pet supplies shop. Luckily, you can find many different types of pet store signs on this page! Start small with acrylic label holders mounted on walls or racks near aquariums and reptile habitats to distinguish the type of species inside. Then kick it up a notch with 8.5″ x 11″ holders in countertop or wall mounting options and use them to display information about pet safety, proper grooming techniques, feeding amounts and more.

Next, try using large snap-open poster frames for all your advertisements, decorations, and art to create a fun and inviting shopping atmosphere for your customers. These frames make for great pet store window displays, too! Lastly, check out our wide variety of message flags and banners, perfect for hanging up outside of your establishment. These pet store signs and banners can be used to promote grand openings, sales, and even adoption events. You really can’t go wrong with this huge selection of signage.