Acrylic Countertop Display Stand 4 Shelves &Locking Door This vaporizer locking display case allows your customers to view the assortment of aromatherapy essential oils while keeping them secured. It has 4 trays that easily slide in and out with 6 slots in each. This acrylic locking display case arrives fully assembled with an included key to be used immediately upon arrival. Perform spa services with ease, knowing your aromatherapy products are safely stored. It is sturdy and made with lightweight acrylic, so it can be placed in the ideal location for your business.

This essential oil display case provides ease of mind while the transparent build allows your customers to browse the salon products inside. The total of 24 slots make for an ample amount of the product placement options.

This vaporizer locking display case is also ideal for storing and displaying e-liquids for mods and electronic cigarettes or specialty vape batteries.

Showcase your unique, colorful e-juices safely behind the latched door. This smoke shop display case was built with enough space to fit all your promotional e-liquids. Customers want a variety of vape juices for sour candy, coffee, or strawberry cravings and this shows all the options.

Complete your mod and electronic cigarette collection with an array of battery and e-liquid flavors. Easily refill as new brands are released with the 4 acrylic sliding shelves. This transparent display case will advertise your fruit, dessert, or coffee e-liquids while keeping them safely secured in your smoke shop.