Machine glass acrylic magnet photo frameMachine glass acrylic magnet photo frame

Machine glass acrylic magnet photo frame,Start by understanding the features that custom acrylic photo frame companies need to display. When manufacturing and selecting materials, it is necessary to determine the basic factors such as the size, weight and color of the product to be displayed to prevent excessive differences in product characteristics or to form visual conflicts and fatigue materials.

This magnetic freestanding clear acrylic block frame is sized to be larger than the image size to allow for a clear border around the edge of the image. The size shown in the dropdown refers to the image size.

Clear acrylic photo frames are designed to ensure the focus is on the photo or marketing image and not on the frame. The two acrylic panels are held securely together with 4 incredibly strong magnets.

The freestanding frame makes a stylish household item for your favourite photographs, or is ideal for merchandising graphics or as a branding block. It’s also a great way to present and display corporate awards as an award block.

The magnetic photo frame or clear graphics frame can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation standing on a flat surface.

The clear acrylic frames are made from either 10mm, 12mm or 15mm clear acrylic panels.

An option of thickness on our acrylic magnetic frames allow you to make a choice to suit your budget.

Freestanding clear acrylic magnetic block frame

Can be used double sided if required

The frame will stand in portrait or landscape orientation

A strong magnet in each corner holds the panels together

Two crystal clear high quality panels on each frame

Hand polished edges for a sparkling premium finish