8*11 Inches Thick Acrylic Block Photo Frame

8*11 Inches Thick Acrylic Block Photo Frame

This acrylic picture is used to display picture,certificate,diploma,photos,drawing etc.

It can free stand on the desktop.Tabletop Frames make great gifts for family and friends, perfect for desks, shelves, and tables. These frames give you the same modern look as our Float Frames without having to install anything on the table.

Stunning, Diamond polished bevel edge acrylic frame. Float photos up to 4×6″ between 6×8″ panels. Stands vertically or horizontally.

Includes two 0.5″ diameter metal fasteners and two 2.5″ long metal stands. Swap them around for interchangeable portrait or landscape framing.

And the MOQ of this tabletop acrylic photo frame is 100 pcs.We also provide you with the sample to checking our quality.

Advantage of acrylic products:

1.white and clear , black color.

2.Good electrical insulation.

3.Stable, non-toxic and durable.

4.Superior impact resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, crack resistance and UV resistance.

5.Widely used, suitable for furniture, craft, decoration, daily use, medicine, architecture, gift, advertisement.

Features:8*11 inches thick acrylic block photo frame

A. General Properties:

1. Excellent quality

2. High gloss and colorless

3. Good electrical insulation from high electrostatic charges

4. Resistant to weathering condition

5. High surface hardness

6. Suitable for decorating

7. Real mould ability

8. Good mechanical for polishing

9. Resistant to non-polar solvents(oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons).