A3 Perspex Thick Diploma Frame Wholesale

A3 Perspex Thick Diploma Frame Wholesale

A3 Perspex Thick Diploma Frame Wholesale,his is an acrylic frame that can help you retain good memories. Diamond-polished and flame-polished at the edges, crystal-clear and not scratching your hands.

Transparent acrylic material with 98% transparency, so you don’t feel the presence of the border

Advantage of acrylic products:

1.white and clear , black color

2.Good electrical insulation

3.Stable, non-toxic and durable

4.Superior impact resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, crack resistance and UV resistance

5.Widely used, suitable for furniture, craft, decoration, daily use, medicine, architecture, gift, advertisement.

Solve Easy Fall Problem: Our Acrylic Picture Frame add a frame support stand, never worry about fall when a slightest bump or tremor situation; Unlike traditional glass, plastic picture frame, Acrylic Photo Frame very Durable, Sturdy, re-usable, not easy fragile and broken

UV Protection: Made of Class A casting acrylic panel, all the frames are UV-resistant which can protect the picture from fading under sun light or fluorescent light, so your memories won’t fade

Easy for Assembly and Change Pictures: Two blocks hold the picture together, 4 pairs of magnets to confirm each corner attached exactly; Slide the blocks apart to change your picture, easy to clean with free soft microfiber cleaning cloth

Widely Used: Not only Can be used as a single or double sided frame, but also can show pictures by horizontal or portrait positions. Designed for valuable picture, such as postcard, currency, tickets, greeting cards, baby pictures, awards or your other wonderful memory. It can be used as a gift for your friends, sweetheart, business partner or family members

Best Service and Quality: Any product quality problems, please contact us at any time,100% money back so buy today with confidence.