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If you’re looking for an acrylic picture frame that combines attractiveness, ease of use, and a style that fit in with just about any décor, nothing beats the convenience of a magnetic picture frame and acrylic block sign holder.

Made of clear acrylic, each magnetic frame is easy use and can be good for use at home, the office, or retail outlets. Check out our stock of magnetic acrylic picture frames below, or contact us on how to get the custom frame you want!

Picture frames have long been a staple in the showcasing of family photos or the latest deal in a retail shop. While the picture frames of yesterday are certainly not getting replaced any time soon, we at Liya are excited to bring you our offering of magnetic picture frames. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these magnetic frames clearly display images and are great for the home, office, or retail environment.

These acrylic picture frames feature a 100-percent clear plastic that have magnets at each corner of the frame. Only taking up a fraction of the display area, these magnets can be easily separated yet are more than strong enough to keep the imagery in place and visible. This means these acrylic block frames are excellent sign holders as well and are hard to ignore.

Different sizes of these magnetic picture frames can come in handy for a multitude of different situations. Use a small picture frame for in-store advertising near cash registers, or as a simple photo strip frame or photo booth picture frame. Larger sizes are perfect for larger advertising materials, photos, or collages, and draw more attention to displays.

Each magnetic picture frame is self-supporting, making placement a breeze and, of course, each acrylic picture frame can be used in either landscape or portrait orientations. Let your imagination run wild with acrylic magnetic picture frames.

Part art and part science,these acrylic picture frames combine engineering ingenuity with a passion for great picture frame design. Each frame is individually crafted with the utmost precision using computer aided design elements, allowing for perfect alignment of the frame and pattern. The pattern can be repeated seamlessly and without interruption all around the frame.These stunning designs fall outside the limitations of the traditional picture framing box and fill a unique design niche — rapidly gaining mass appeal and highly sought after in galleries, homes, offices and design driven environments.

You choose the frame width, shape, patterns, color(s) and whether the frame has a deep, clear, transparent or frosted surface.

Your design is then manufactured to your specifications. The frame comes with its own proprietary insertion and hanging hardware. The artwork within can be framed either flush-mounted, matted or floated (edges of artwork showing). Since the frame is molded to your specifications, there are no corner miters or visible seams.

Photo Frames Include Many Styles to Best Work with Your Needs!

The various photo frames that we offer have many styles and options to choose from, making it easy to find one that will work well for your business.

These picture frames, also known as custom poster holders, can be used for many purposes from holding art to retail adverts, to photographs of loved ones for display on counters, tables, and desks at both the home and office.

The photo frames have many sizes to choose from so that you may find one that properly fulfills your needs and works best within your décor. By using an acrylic photograph holder, you show your pictures in a stylish manner that is sure to garner attention from passersby no matter where it is placed.

Photograph holders, photo frames, and other picture frames offer a stylish way to display your treasured images such as family photos, wedding pictures, and more whilst at work on your desk or around your home.

These displays are also a great way to communicate information to potential customer and passersby at many different types of businesses. Art galleries may use the countertop easels to show artist information next to their work, whilst restaurants and cafes can show drink and food specials to waiting patrons!

The selection of acrylic holders includes block displays that feature thick acrylic panels that are great for use in many locations.

Jewelry shops and banks typically use these frame options in addition to customers who purchase these stands for personal use. By using thick acrylic blocks, you obtain a truly aesthetically pleasing holder that is held together with button magnets for easy use.

To change your pictures, you only need to pull the two panels apart, change out the photograph or poster, and let the sides gently reconnect! These displays are able to be used as a single or dual-sided stand, allowing you to choose to place photographs on both sides in order to be seen in multiple directions!

There are many sizes to choose from with this style of frame as well, with standard sizes such as 3-1/2″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8-1/2″ x 11″, as well as A4 (297 x 210mm) all offered so you may find the right version that works best for your needs.

The frame displays include different styles to best suit your décor or needs, with both standard rectangle, simple curved edges on sides, and completely curved acrylic panels all available for purchase. The curved panel options offer a truly eye-catching stand that makes an impression in any location they are placed in.

These stands allow you to use either the convex or curved side whilst on display to best suit how you wish to represent your images! Many of these stands are also able to hold you graphics in either portrait or landscape orientation, though the curved displays, due to their design, can only hold one format.

Luckily, we offer both landscape and portrait options for you to purchase, check the individual product pages for more information!

Why Choose these Photo Frames?

Picture frames use clear acrylic to show your photographs in stylish manner that garners attention

Strong button magnets embedded within acrylic keep frames tightly together with a unique look

Many sizes to choose from in the different styles to find the right fit for your décor & needs

Visual appeal of glass is offered with clear plastic but at a lower price & more durable!

Changing out pictures requires less than 1 minute with no tools needed for quick switches

Dual-sided options available to place photographs to easily be seen in multiple directions

Many styles available to suit the different décors & needs of customers!

Most of these displays are able to be used as a single or double-sided frame to make it easy to promote in multiple directions at once, especially useful when using these stands in retail businesses.

Hotels, casinos, banks, and jewelry shops all utilise these premium quality stands to show their adverts to customers, where the dual-sided nature, combined with a small footprint makes them perfect for placing graphics onto counters to help ensure plenty of room for merchandise or customer interactions.

Changing graphics out of all these displays is a very easy task, and while most have the button magnets embedded within the acrylic as mentioned above, some have a slightly different style. There are slide-in style frame options that require you only to gently pull the bent frame apart to access the interior and change out the photographs.

Other styles of frame, as found in our decorative category, utilise standoffs to hold the frame together that are easily unscrewed without any tools required.

These stands also allow you to move the machined aluminium feet to different sides of the frame in order to change the orientation from portrait to landscape format depending on which image you are trying to show. Other versions of these displays feature a single aluminium foot that holds the frame up, and is easily moved between the two preset spots to change the format between vertical and horizontal.

All of these stands offer a versatile way to place your photographs around your house on tables, counters, mantles, and desks to easily be seen in a stylish manner that works with any décor due to the clear acrylic make.

By utilising acrylic panels held together by either the strong button magnets or the stand-offs, an aesthetically pleasing floating effect is created that creates a clear border around your picture that helps to make an impact in every environment.

There are also mini photograph easels to choose from for a different look that works well in many locations.

There are many uses for these stands aside from photographs as well, with many businesses using this style with great success. Bakeries and cafes use these clear holders to denote different goods or promote new flavours that have come in.

Retail stores show product specs, pricing information, and announce upcoming events or sale specials, and even hotels welcome guests at their lobby counters by placing signage about what events they may check out in the area with this style of display! The acrylic holders are able to hold different sizes of photographs, pictures, and posters within each individual holder.

Standard sizes include 3-1/2″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, & 5″ x 7″, though smaller images than the max may be placed within each, and even larger photographs may be used, though they will be unprotected and have the tendency to bend around the acrylic. The mini photograph holders are each able to hold pictures in landscape or portrait orientation, and the individual products pages list which format that particular product is meant to display.

Clear acrylic is used to provide a durable display that has the visual appeal of glass for an aesthetically pleasing display that is available at a lower price for use in any location!

The holders use 2.5mm clear plastic These art easel displays feature an adjustable back leg that makes it easy to change the angle that your photographs are displayed at for best viewing!

Switching pictures out of the frames is easy as well, with no tools needed to change out pictures in less than 1 minute! The simple slide-in design allows you to quickly remove and replace images by gently pull the holder apart and switching out the pictures.

These table top holders are lightweight and feature a small footprint, perfect for placement in many locations. Retail businesses that use these stands will love how they easily present information to customers whilst leaving plenty of space for interactions with clients as well as placing merchandise!