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If you don’t know enough about acrylic photo frames, I think the following can help you.

Acrylic Photo Frame Wholesale-Overview:

Frame: (Frame), similar to a square, with empty interior, and the blank space just puts commonly used photos. It is mainly used for positioning the four sides of the photo and enhancing its beauty. It also helps to protect the quality of the photo, like a photo frame with glass, which can prevent the photo from discoloring and yellowing.

Acrylic photo frame wholesale-use knowledge:

The photo frame is more delicate and needs to be taken care of, because it is only used to see, not a tool, then how should we use and protect the photo frame daily?

1. Since the frame is a structural thing, it can be moved infrequently, so it is best not to move it.

2. Use occasions are indoors, it is best not to put them in the open air.

3. Avoid places with high temperature and long-term sunshine.

4. When cleaning, it is best to use alkaline cleaners instead of detergent.

5. Be sure to clean the screen part and the close part regularly.

Five characteristics of acrylic frame:

1. Easy to process. Acrylic can be softened and shaped at 180℃, and can be shaped after cooling to room temperature.

2. Acrylic photo frame has good oxidation resistance and is not easy to deform and discolor.

3. Lightweight. Acrylic material has a lower density than glass and a much lighter weight than materials of the same volume.

4. Good light transmittance, strong resistance and good plasticity. Compared with ordinary plastic materials, the light transmittance of acrylic photo frame sheet is even better than glass. Compared with the traditional material of glass, the advantages of acrylic are more prominent, among which strong resistance is the most obvious advantage. It is said that in some countries, legislation has made it clear that all window glass in children’s playgrounds will be replaced by acrylic sheets, precisely because it is resistant and not easily broken.

5. Acrylic photo frame has good oxidation resistance and is not easy to deform and discolor.

Acrylic photo frame requirements for temperature environment:

Because the acrylic photo frame material is a five-star polymer, it has certain requirements for the temperature environment, as follows:

1. The temperature of acrylic in the process of flowing is generally around 150℃, but when the acrylic photo frame begins to decompose, the temperature is higher than 270℃, so it is still very flexible in terms of temperature changes. Produced under the influence of temperature, high temperature resistance is the characteristic of acrylic.

2. Acrylic photo frame photo frame made of cresol methacrylate does not have ordinary fluidity, but non-Newtonian fluidity. Therefore, the viscosity of acrylic will decrease when the temperature is high. It is very sensitive to temperature.

3. Acrylic has good cutting performance and can be processed by laser cutting with a good size. Therefore, the acrylic photo frame can withstand various environments of high temperature and low temperature, and consumers do not have to worry about temperature during the production process. .

4. Acrylic is an invisible polymer, and its shrinkage range is decreasing, generally 0.45%-0.9, so the molding accuracy of acrylic photo frame during production provides good conditions, and it is generally molded. All are very precise.

5. Acrylic photo frame is made of poly cresol methacrylate. Poly cresol methacrylate contains polar side methyl groups, which has strong moisture absorption performance. The water absorption rate must be kept dry for the board, and the conditions required for drying It is dried at 78℃-80℃ for 5-6h.

Color meaning of acrylic frame:

There are more and more colors of the photo frame, which is dazzling to choose, but as long as you follow a certain color matching principle, it is still easy to choose. Of course, the color itself has no meaning, and some are just given by people. But colors can affect people’s psychology and affect people’s emotions unconsciously, so some people add specific meanings to various colors:

Red: A powerful and festive color, it is easy to make people feel excited, and it is a manifestation of a majestic spirit.

Yellow: the brightest color, it feels warm and brilliant!

Green: beautiful, elegant, generous and tolerant.

Blue: eternal and broad, everyone can look at the sky! It feels calm and rational.

Purple: Little MMs often use this color, which gives people a mysterious and oppressive feeling. A very strange color.