With the improvement of living standards, many people buy goods not only to meet their own needs, but also to make their life novel. The packaging of many items has become an important aspect of attracting attention.

Choose acrylic food box as gift box

Acrylic food box is a very good gift box we choose, because it not only has the use value, but also can bring the demand of the environment. It has no pollution and plays an environmental role. It can also be made into more different types and shapes through processing and some special techniques, like the one we need, many Like a gift shop, there are cake boxes and some small desserts that can be made from acrylic food boxes.

The layout of the shelves made of acrylic food boxes is the main content of the layout of the business hall. The passageway constructed by the shelves determines the flow direction of customers. No matter the layout methods such as vertical crossing, diagonal crossing, radiation, free circulation or direct layout are adopted, certain flexibility should be reserved for the change of business content, so as to adjust the form of shelf layout as needed. Therefore, all kinds of shelves in modern shopping malls are in the form of combination, and only a small number of specialized stores adopt fixed forms.

In the same store, the shape of the shelves should be basically uniform, in order to create a neat and orderly environment and provide a good atmosphere for shopping. Uniform size, consistent materials, consistent form characteristics (mainly manifested in the top, foot, corner, surface), consistent color, so that the shelf to achieve a sense of unity.