What are the common types of plexiglass?Plexiglass is a popular term for a polymer transparent material, because it is made of organic matter and is as transparent as glass, so it is famous. In the life of plexiglass is also everywhere, many products are manufactured using it as raw materials. So, what kinds of more common plexiglass besides transparent and colorless plexiglass?

What are the common types of plexiglass?

What kinds of common plexiglass types are there?

1, colored transparent type

Colorless and transparent plexiglass is colorless, while color transparent is transparent, but it has color, so this type of plexiglass is softer than light color, making people feel more comfortable. . Therefore, many companies understand the cost-effective plexiglass, and purchase transparent and transparent to produce a variety of beautiful light boxes and crafts.

2, pearl type

Pearlescent type plexiglass is a phosphor added during the manufacturing process, or a pearl powder is added. The addition of these materials can make the plexiglass after molding have a more vivid color, and also has a very high surface smoothness. After the mold is hot pressed, the molded pattern can be maintained even after smoothing and polishing, so it has a very unique artistic effect.

3, embossing type

As the name suggests, embossed plexiglass is a surface pressed with a pattern, which can be divided into transparent and translucent according to its degree of transparency. Because embossed plexiglass has good light transmission, but also has a translucent shape. It is often used in indoor door and window decoration products, and it is regarded as a space partition to provide both effective lighting and privacy.

Although colorless and transparent plexiglass is a widely used type, plexiglass with colored transparent, pearlescent and embossed types has an increasingly broad application market. If you need to purchase, you should know more about the unique characteristics of different types of plexiglass in addition to the purchase of various plexiglass.