Acrylic data rack is mainly used to store data, which can be used in offices, homes and other places, but acrylic has a strong electrostatic effect, so it is easy to absorb the surrounding dust, so we should pay attention to the maintenance of acrylic data rack in the use process, so the problem is, how to maintain acrylic data rack?

How to maintain the acrylic data rack?

Maintenance methods of acrylic data frame at ordinary times:

1. In the cleaning and maintenance of acrylic data frame, the cleaning cloth we use must be clean, and after cleaning the dust, we need to turn the cloth over. If we reuse it again, it will make the surface of the acrylic data frame more dirty, and it may also affect the appearance of the acrylic data frame due to the repeated friction of dirt on the surface of the data frame.

2. In addition, if you want to maintain the original brightness of acrylic data frame, you need to choose certain maintenance products. At present, care wax spray and cleaning maintenance agent are generally used, and the scope of application of both are different. Care wax spray is mainly used for data frame of various wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber plate and other materials; cleaning maintenance agent is applicable to various wood, glass, synthetic wood or Meinai Board and other solid wood data frame, especially suitable for mixed material data frame.

3. When cleaning the acrylic data rack, first wash it with water, then wipe it with clean cotton cloth, and do not let the acrylic panel scratch during the cleaning process.