It is said that the details determine the success or failure, so does the processing of acrylic display frame. In addition to the quality of raw materials, the details in the production process of acrylic display frame also determine whether it is a fine product or a defective product. So what should be paid attention to in the processing of acrylic display frame?

Precautions for acrylic display frame processing

Most of the elegant acrylic display frames are spliced with glue. If the details are not handled properly, the following situations will occur.

1. Glue overflow: if too much glue is injected, the excess glue will overflow and flow to the surface of acrylic products, leaving traces of glue that cannot be wiped off after drying.

2. Bubble: some people may say that since the glue will overflow when it is beaten more, it’s OK to beat less. Of course, the air will enter the bonding surface without glue, forming a bubble pad, especially the colorless and transparent acrylic display frame, which looks more obvious.

3. Shift: if the splicing is not good, it is easy to shift. The appearance of such acrylic display frame is difficult to see, which also affects the stability of the structure.