What are the advantages of acrylic display frame?Acrylic display rack is widely used in supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores and other places. It is mostly used for display of products. If you want to ask why acrylic display is so popular, you have to say the advantages of acrylic display.

What are the advantages of acrylic display frame?

1. Easy to process: acrylic display frame is easy to process. Many acrylic display frames are cut, hot bent and bonded. Unlike the injection molding display frame, which requires mold opening fees, it can save a lot of costs.

2. There are many kinds of materials: there are many kinds and colors of acrylic materials, including common colors such as transparent, black and white, color, frosted, etc., and special acrylic materials such as marble, imitation wood, marble, etc., which are not as single as other materials.

3. Good light transmittance: the transparent acrylic processing display frame has good light transmittance and luster, which is used to display watches, cosmetics, famous brand bags, jewelry and other high-end products, showing the dignity and fashion of products.

4. Easy transportation and installation: the spliced acrylic display frame is convenient for disassembly and transportation.