What are the excellent characteristics of acrylic sheet?A full range of acrylic sheets are widely used in many fields on the market today. The reason why various thin and profitable acrylic sheets can be widely used in the market and are widely welcomed and loved in various fields. Due to the very good characteristics of this popular acrylic sheet. So what are the excellent characteristics of acrylic sheet?

What are the excellent characteristics of acrylic sheet?

1, with super high light transmittance and beautiful appearance

Acrylic with good texture. Due to the special nature of its material, the finished product has high light transmittance, and the light transmittance of ordinary glass is higher. Moreover, compared with ordinary glass, this type of acrylic sheet has a more crystal-like texture and gloss, especially the acrylic process products after radiation. Under the sunlight, it is crystal clear and looks very clear. Beautiful.

2, with good insulation

The popular acrylic sheet has excellent insulation properties, especially in electronic products. For example, the original insulator made of acrylic sheet is used in products such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and audio. And acrylic sheet is also a high-frequency insulation material with a relatively high utilization rate in the radio instrument industry.

3, with super flame resistance and durability

Acrylic sheet also has good durability, no natural phenomenon will occur, and can be extinguished by itself even after artificial ignition, so it is safer to use acrylic sheet. In addition, the full range of acrylic sheet also has strong durability, not only not afraid of water and moisture, but also not moldy, no bacteria, corrosion resistance, and its impact resistance is also very excellent.

In summary, acrylic sheet also has very obvious excellent characteristics, these excellent characteristics allow acrylic sheet to play its due function in various fields. In addition to the several excellent characteristics described above, acrylic sheet is extremely light-weight, so it is extremely labor-saving whether it is handled or installed. And the full range of acrylic sheet will not turn yellow or shatter due to freezing or exposure, so the acrylic sheet also has strong weather resistance.