Acrylic display stand advantages?Acrylic display stands according to the characteristics of acrylic, design product promotion display stand with it, plus creative logo labels, so that products stand out in the public, thus increasing the role of product advertising.

Acrylic display stand advantages?

The acrylic display stand can display the characteristics of the product in an all-round way, and can record and install each component. The color matching, professional acrylic display frame designer’s exquisite design makes the traditional facilities eclipse. Therefore, the acrylic display stand has the following advantages compared with the traditional display stand:

Acrylic display stand

1. Acrylic display stand has a transparent texture that is not found in ordinary display stands.

2, acrylic display stand is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also stylish and beautiful. It is perfect for shopping centers.

3, acrylic display stand can be used for color printing silk, comprehensive display of product advantages and propaganda culture. It is a good advertising vehicle.

Many cosmetic stores use acrylic displays to showcase their cosmetics or skin care products for good display. So, is the acrylic cosmetic display stand clean?

In fact, it is very simple. When cleaning the acrylic cosmetic display stand, just use 1% soapy water and use soft cotton cloth to rub the soapy water. Do not use hard or dry rubbing, otherwise the surface will be easily scratched. The coefficient of thermal expansion and the coefficient of cold expansion of the acrylic sheet are large, and the reserved expansion gap should be considered when the temperature changes. I hope that the suggestions of Xiaobian will help you.