The role of acrylic display in the exhibition

Booth: have you ever noticed that your stand is so plain and simple that you only use it as a stand for displaying goods? In fact, it doesn't need to be very innovative. It just needs to be combined with your products, unique but harmonious display in the whole layout. If it is a large-scale and important exhibition, you can customize the exhibition stand according to [...]

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How to choose high quality acrylic food box?

In shopping malls or snack shops, you can see acrylic food boxes everywhere. The appearance and size of acrylic food boxes are not the same, and businesses generally need more. Therefore, it is suggested to purchase products directly from acrylic processing and customization manufacturers, which can not only select the right products, but also save costs. How to select high quality acrylic food box? 1: Appearance [...]

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How much does the temperature affect the acrylic box?

What's the effect of temperature on acrylic box? Do you need to pay attention to in daily use (1) With the increase of temperature, the fracture elongation of acrylic increases gradually when brittle fracture occurs, and reaches 5.6% at 60 ℃. The relationship between temperature and fracture elongation and yield elongation of acrylic resin was studied. (2) The effect of temperature on the tensile strength and [...]

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What is the acrylic storage box and what are the benefits?

What is an acrylic storage box: Acrylic box is used to store cosmetics, sewing, jewelry and other articles; acrylic storage box should be classified into household goods industry, because it is crystal clear, high-end and generous, Many girls like to store cosmetics, sewing, jewelry and so on. Why acrylic storage box is good: Acrylic storage box is not only beautiful but also high-grade and durable. Our [...]

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The influence of acrylic storage box on life

In the era of individuality, it is a fashion for the public to show their true self. Besides showing yourself in clothes, accessories and language, where else can you express your ideas and your fashion? Your home, your room will be the best place. As the name suggests, acrylic storage box is made of acrylic material. The function of the storage box is that sometimes there [...]

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Do you know something about acrylic box cleaning

Nowadays, because of its good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing and beautiful appearance, acrylic box is widely used in all walks of life, so the number of times acrylic box appears in our sight is more and more. So, how to clean acrylic box by people's attention, let's learn about acrylic box cleaning little common sense. First, remove the dust on [...]

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Choose acrylic food box as gift box

With the improvement of living standards, many people buy goods not only to meet their own needs, but also to make their life novel. The packaging of many items has become an important aspect of attracting attention. Acrylic food box is a very good gift box we choose, because it not only has the use value, but also can bring the demand of the environment. It [...]

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Several commonly used packaging materials for acrylic box

Acrylic needs packaging to facilitate transportation after finished products are made. The commonly used packaging materials are as follows: 1. Stretch film: heat shrinkable film, used for various products, its main function is to stabilize, cover and protect products. The tensile film has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress, high transparency and good gloss. It is a common packaging material in acrylic products [...]

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Can acrylic box be used as food packaging box?

Food safety is a topic of great concern to everyone. In addition to the hygiene of food itself, the carrier used to hold food is also very important. Acrylic box is commonly used in supermarkets to hold bulk food and as food packaging. People who know a little about acrylic may ask: can acrylic boxes be used as food packaging boxes? Maybe many people have the [...]

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What are the advantages of acrylic box?

After "tempering", acrylic has been flexibly shaped into a variety of different attitudes to enter the market to meet the different requirements of different industries and fields. Acrylic box is also widely used in people's life, and has won a lot of praise. What are the characteristics of acrylic box First, the surface of acrylic box is smooth and smooth. After careful polishing, the surface of [...]

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