New levitating shoe sneaker display with LED light display rack

New levitating shoe sneaker display with LED light display rack

New levitating shoe sneaker display with LED light display rack

Levitating shoe sneaker display with LED light display rack

The new smart magnetic levitation display rack, as long as you buy a set of racks, you can magnetically levitate different shoes, but the weight is within the bearing range.

The magnetic levitation display stand is a new type of display stand that technicians use the principle of magnetic levitation technology to suspend the products to be displayed in the air. The appearance is more beautiful than the traditional display stand, and it is easier to attract customers’ attention and increase the promotional effect of the product.


Magnetic levitation display racks are also known as levitation display racks, magnetic levitation promotion racks, portable exhibition equipment and magnetic levitation data racks. According to the characteristics of the product, the matching promotion display rack is designed, coupled with the creative LOGO sign, so that the product is prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising. Since the product is suspended in the air, the magnetic force and gravity are offset, and only the air resistance is affected. Therefore, after the product is given an initial speed, it can be rotated continuously, which increases the display effect. The small display rack is easy to carry and easy to participate in various exhibitions.


Pay attention to the following points when using the magnetic levitation display stand:

First: Plug in the product line, plug in the power supply, and then put the suspended object on it, make sure that the suspended object is not touched vigorously (otherwise it will cause damage to the base).

Second: When you want to turn off the power of the product, first remove the suspended objects and put them away, and then unplug the power supply. This is a reasonable use!

Third: Don’t touch the general magnetic levitation products when they are in operation! So as not to cause problems!

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