What do the right eyewear displays do? Done well, far more than just hold eyewear. Liya offers a selection to present your products along with your brand to potential customers. Well designed and constructed, our eyewear display racks are the stage, your inventory is the star. Let us help you create unique and compelling product presentations with your eyewear and our acrylic and slat wall displays. We intend to help you make sales.

Whether you are highlighting two or three frames or presenting an entire designer line of sunglasses, we give you the tools to merchandise more effectively, choosing from either our floor standing or countertop displays.

Our clear acrylic display cases let the eyewear be the focus. The white options provide bright contrast. Slat wall allows you to present a broad selection from which customers may choose.

Most of the glasses display stand design are: rotating display stand, ladder display stand, L-type display stand, tray type, display case, pull box type;

just like watch display, jewelry display, makeup display, acrylic display products are the most common, because of its plasticity allows you to play a variety of imagination: It can bend, fold, paste & print, and perfect matching with the hardware, No matter your bow, lookup, turn-back, It is quietly and elegantly acting as irreplaceable characters for the display products. It is exactly the way that we believe acrylic creates a better life. Yami will always serve your confidence and pursuit!

Our services

1. Good quality control to produce goods of high quality.

2. Quick and effective feedbacks and communication satisfy customers worldwide.

3. Prompt delivery time keeps your goods delivered on time.

4. OEM / ODM is available here.

5. Small orders are acceptable and welcome here.

6. Factory price without middle man provides favorable goods.

7. Comprehensive products for your choosing and new products developed each year.