Point of purchase (P.O.P.) displays are specially designed to do two things: call attention to the products they display and take up as little space as possible. If P.O.P. displays are right for your business, and the products you sell, it’s essential to invest in innovative and customizable displays that match your brand.

We are more than mere manufacturers of point of purchase displays. We are design, sales and fabrication specialists who help you create the ideal P.O.P. display for your products, increasing their marketability and driving up your sales. We fully customize each P.O.P. display based on your products, brand image and space limitations at your retail space, getting you the most value out of your finished display.


We meticulously value engineer the design and fabrication process of your point of purchase display, getting you the best return on your P.O.P. investment. The result is a clean, effective and professional looking display for your products. Our process is thorough, but very easy to navigate, and includes a few simple steps:

A comprehensive consultation and analysis of your products, specifications and other needs.

Delivery of your P.O.P. display design concept, complete with preliminary sketch and pricing.

Upon your review, we will discuss potential adjustments for the design, then provide finalized CAD drawings.

Delivery of a full-size prototype for your review.

Final fabrication of delivery of your P.O.P. displays.

Achieving excellence in POP display design involves the right blend of art and engineering. POP material selection is integral to the design process since it impacts display aesthetics, economics, brand perceptions, and the environment, as well as many other factors such as strength, weight, durability, packing requirements, and much more. In today’s post we’ll take a look at two of the most common materials used to make POP displays- acrylic and PVC.