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How to choose a good acrylic display frame

For an ordinary consumer, acrylic, a professional chemical material, doesn’t know how to distinguish. In short, the choice of a good acrylic display frame can be judged from the following points.

1、 Material appearance

When viewing and purchasing acrylic display frame, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the material. If it is transparent material, whether it has high transparency, high brightness and no bubble. Imported or superior acrylic display frame, its material, usually has excellent light transmittance; if it is non transparent material, it is to see whether the coloring is uniform, whether there are pockmarks on the surface of the smooth material.

2、 Material feel

Judge the quality by simple touch. The surface of high-quality acrylic display frame, if it is made of bright acrylic material, must be smooth, smooth, burr free and feel good; if it is made of matt acrylic material, it must be made of even Matt particles on the surface of acrylic material, without pockmarks on the surface. There is no bubble, and after touching with hands, it will not leave fingerprints or traces easily.

3、 Material thickness

The acrylic materials with excellent quality must be of the same quality, uniform thickness and good integrity in the production of raw materials, but the size deviation of the materials will not be too large in the same sheet of raw materials.

When it comes to the thickness of materials, it has to be mentioned that many plate manufacturers like to use the negative tolerance of materials to supply the finished products of plates. There is no doubt that this practice of Jerry building reduces the cost of raw materials in disguise, so as to achieve the purpose of selling inferior products.

4、 Product design

In addition to distinguishing the quality of acrylic display frame from the raw materials and appearance, the functional design of the overall product is also one of the contents to determine the quality of a acrylic display frame. A good acrylic display frame can fully and clearly display the required content, leave a deep impression on consumers, and achieve the role of brand promotion.

5、 Product use

A good acrylic display frame, the product must have good stability and consistency, in its use process, there will be no deformation or slight distortion of the acrylic display frame due to the placement of items.

All in all, a good acrylic display frame, when displaying at the end of the product, must be able to attract the attention of consumers and give people a bright feeling in front of their eyes, so as to achieve the purpose of product display, and at the same time, improve the brand awareness and reputation.