Acrylic displays wholesaleAcrylic displays wholesaleAcrylic displays wholesale

Methods to avoid deformation of acrylic display frame:

1、 Select elastic rubber gasket for display frame, and add necessary buffer for connection between acrylic materials.

2、 When making a display frame with a large bearing area, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the plate accordingly to avoid deformation due to large bearing.

3、 When installing and fixing the acrylic display frame, pay attention to reserve a certain contraction and expansion gap to prevent the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction on the display frame.

4、 During the design, the acrylic plate with appropriate weight shall be selected according to the type of products to be displayed, neither too thin nor too thick, so as to avoid deformation due to the bearing of the plate not conforming to the product.

Cleaning method of acrylic display rack:

1. When there are traces and oil stains on the surface of acrylic display frame, drop a little white wine on cloth or cotton, and wipe it gently, it will be bright and clean;

2. Scrubbing acrylic exhibition stand with residual tea has good decontamination effect;

3. Putting some Indigo in the water will increase the glossiness of acrylic display frame;

4. If there is dirt on the acrylic display frame plated with Phnom Penh, it can be wiped with a towel dipped in beer or liquor to remove the dirt;

5. If the surface of acrylic display frame is stained with paint or dust, it is easy to clean it with vinegar;

6. Using onion brand to wipe acrylic display frame can not only remove dirt, but also be very bright;

7. Use soft cloth or paper, soak in water with alcohol or liquor, wipe acrylic products first and then clean them with clean cloth;

8. When scrubbing acrylic products, first apply chalk grey water or gypsum powder water, and then dry them with dry cloth, which is easy to wipe off dirt and polish;

9. First wipe the dust with a wet cloth, and then rub the waste newspaper into a ball and wipe it on the acrylic display frame. The ink of the newspaper can wipe the acrylic display frame quickly;

10. There is a large area of oil stain on acrylic display frame. First, scrub it with waste gasoline, then with washing powder or detergent, and then rinse it with clear water;

11. Put some water into the washbasin, mix with a little shampoo, and then use it to wipe the acrylic display frame, which will be very clean and bright;

12. In winter, the surface of acrylic products is easy to frost, which can be wiped with cloth dipped in strong salt water or liquor, with good effect;

13. The scale on the surface of acrylic display frame can be wiped clean and bright by cloth or enzyme toothpaste.


Q1, How can l get a sample of specimen to confirm the quality?

1. Free sample:

Regular specimen you can get free samples, just pay for the freight.

And we can provide you with three Express (FEDEX/DHL/UPS) the lowest discount.

Also you can also provide us with your Express account.

2. Customized sample:

Please give me your design, but you need pay for the sample fee and freight.

And we will return back the sample fees when we produce cargo.

Q2, Can you make OEM or ODM service?

Yes, we can. We have our own designer welcome to choose our ODM products.

Q3, How to control the products quality?

High and steady product quality is the ultimate goal that we work on.

1. We have our own laboratory, all material such as resin, ink, master batch have to pass heavy metal and other food safe test before going to production and packaging procedures. Besides that, we need to send products to 3rd parties SGS to carry out food grade tests.

2. We value product quality and security: from material import to production, all production procedures strictly following the international standard regulations, ensuring all products meet requirements of American and European Food grade tests. All relative recorder have to be kept in the production process monitoring.

Q4, What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1. Product size: width x length x thickness

2. Quantity per order and yearly quantity if you know

3. Manner of packaging

4. Also please let us know if you are first time to source the product – XXX, so that I can offer detailed information or samples for you.

Q5, I am a small wholesaler, can I get a small order?

A: Yes, of course. If you are a small wholesaler we will grow up with you together.

In a word, We are looking forward to meeting new friends from all over the world to develop and benefit together.