Custom Clear Acrylic Money Box

Item:Clear Acrylic Coin Display Money Donation Box

This Donation Box is a Best Seller! Our clear acrylic small donation box is made of sturdy, clear acrylic. This acrylic donation box has a fundraising display for your organization’s message and works great as a donation box, ballot box, coin canister, or suggestion box.

Features a slot for lock to keep your donations safe. This display donation box has worked great for many major and non-profit organizations in raising funds Acrylic collection box with padlock.

Clear Acrylic Coin Display Money Donation Box

This Donation Box is a Best Seller! Our clear acrylic small donation box is made of sturdy, clear acrylic. This acrylic donation box has a fundraising display for your organizations posted message and works great as a donation box, ballot box, coin canister, or suggestion box. Features a slot for lock to keep your donations safe. (Lock sold separately.) This display donation box has worked great for many major and non-profit organizations in raising funds!

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Collection Boxes in Clear or Black Acrylic for Donations and Leads

Looking to collect money for your cause? These acrylic donation boxes are an inexpensive, convenient way to accept small cash gifts at a public event. Their relatively small size allows you to put them just about anywhere – the checkout counter of your store, a table at a fundraiser, a reception desk – you name it. We also offer floor stands that make for an impactful visual, as passersby can see all the contributions piling up.

Even clear countertop acrylic donation boxes show donors what kind of effect they can have and foster a sense of group accomplishment. It’s all about breaking down the barriers to participation, and these see-through fixtures can make a huge impact on the number of offerings collected. If more discretion is needed, when collecting leads, ballots, and feedback for instance, opaque black collection bins are the way to go.

How can I let people know about my charity or contest?

For an all-in-one solution, consider acrylic donation boxes with built-in sign holders to display advertisements. Put your cause front-and-center to entice donors to give with a strong, highly visible message. This type of signage is also great for outlining contest rules and potential prizes. Print your own advertisements and notices and easily swap them out as needed.

Clear acrylic boxes with sign headers present the unique benefit of allowing guests to see what’s inside. With the contents unobscured, potential donors can see the contributions growing and feel compelled to give as well. The plastic headers are a breeze to load with your custom signage.

Pick up a donation box with video screen to further enhance your messaging. The vibrant display can play slideshows and short movies to capture guests’ attention. Choose from an integrated screen that is built into the front of the bin or a combined model that offers both traditional signage and multimedia advertising.

Host a giveaway by encouraging repeat customers to drop off their business cards. Setting up multiple raffle ticket boxes so attendees can hedge their bets on the prize they want or spread their chances around is a great way to improve engagement. While they may vary in size, each collection bin has a slot that’s big enough for entry stubs, folded ballots, and dollar bills. Locking acrylic donation boxes are a simple, elegant way to keep personal information and cash contributions safe from tampering and theft.

Some models include side pockets to hold literature so donors can learn more about your cause or forms for quick and easy entry into your contest. We offer inexpensive boxes for organizations on a budget, as well. Smaller units, while more affordable, still offer the same build quality as larger models. Our collection bins also ship same day for those last-minute event planning needs.

Need a more permanent donation box with a heavy-duty build? Browse our wide selection of locking metal ballot boxes with wall-mounting and floor standing options. Place in your lobby to collect feedback or use as a secure key-drop for your hotel or auto repair business. Metal ballot boxes stand up to heavy public use and offer similar features to our acrylic models.


The Acrylic Donation Box Family consists of elegantly designed charity boxes fashioned from 5 mm high quality acrylic. Choose the donation box that best fits your taste and your nonprofit organization’s fundraising needs. The standard lock and key included in most makes allows for collection at any convenient time..

Acrylic Donation and Ballot Box with Lock:

Material: durable acrylic

Acrylic ballot box with clear walls for visible contents

Donation box with lock has removable message display

Sturdy lock with a set of keys

Placement: counter, table, wall

Color: clear

Lock type: key lock

Material: plastic

Acrylic Ballot Boxes And Acrylic Donation Boxes

These Clear Acrylic Boxes Securely Collect Donations For Charities & Fundraising Events!

Acrylic ballot boxes, also called plastic ballot boxes or acrylic donation boxes, are excellent lead generators for any business. Small to large acrylic donation boxes are available with and without colorful screen imprinting. Buy one of our locking ballot boxes to secure your leads, money collections, tips and charity donations. Clear ballot boxes are also known as coin collection boxes, charity donation and collection boxes, donation boxes and fundraising boxes. Locking boxes are a secure way to collect money, tips, donations and raffles for charity and fundraising events. Locks on these ballot boxes are in the back and include lock & key. These acrylic ballot boxes or acrylic donation boxes accommodate medium to large countertops.

Popular Plastic or Acrylic Ballot Box Uses are:

Money Collection Box. Clear acrylic boxes are great for collecting tips at restaurants and car washes.

Comment Or Feedback Box. Collection of customer feedback and comments is a great way to get ideas on how to improve service and address any problems you may not know about.

Employee Suggestion Boxes: These plastic ballot boxes are perfect for gathering employee suggestions to help streamline business practices as well as collecting employee complaints anonymously so upper management can address problems in the work place without associating names.

Contest Entry Box: Collect lots contest entry and registration forms with names, addresses and emails for lead generation from these clear acrylic contest boxes, sometimes referred to as acrylic ballot boxes.

Charity and Donation Collection Boxes: Perfect for collecting money at charities and fundraising events. These are also called charity collection boxes, charity boxes, fundraising boxes or donation boxes.

Voting & Election Ballot Boxes: These plastic ballot boxes are ideal for collecting votes for student elections in colleges and schools as well as political purposes. These cheap acrylic boxes are also popularly referred to as voting boxes or voting ballot boxes.

Acrylic Boxes Can Help Improve Lead Generation For Your Business

An acrylic ballot box is a great way to generate leads and get your business moving in the right direction. Placement of these large acrylic boxes in a public area that catches potential customers’ eyes is critical. It is very important to display your promotions or ads in a way that grabs attention and brings them in to take a closer look. For example, if you own a night dance club, you can place your contest entry box in various areas of your club with an promotion like “Sign Up For Our Mailing List for FREE ADMISSION & DRINK Coupons”.

This is a excellent way to gather names and addresses to send event post cards to people you know are night club goers. Small or large acrylic boxes can also make great lead boxes or lead generation boxes for health club signees. If you own a health club, promote a free week of membership. Go to businesses in the immediate area and exchange a free week with a personal trainer to business owners for placement of your entry box or locking acrylic box in their businesses.