Wholesale Plexiglass Candy Bin Case

Wholesale Plexiglass Candy Bin Case,Set up the perfect candy buffet for guests using this Clear Tek Clear Acrylic Small Candy Container. This small acrylic box is the perfect size to hold chocolate covered raisins, candy-coated truffles, peanut butter balls, fruity chewy candies, and more. Made from durable, high-quality acrylic, this acrylic candy box has a clear finish that beautifully displays your sweets. Featuring a detachable lid and a clear knob, this candy storage box makes it easy for guests to reach in and serve themselves at your dessert bar, candy store, or bakery. This small acrylic box is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, perfect for safely placing sweets on shelves or high surfaces. Measuring 4 inches long by 4 inches wide, this acrylic candy box is available in a 1 count box.