Acrylic Display Case with Sliding DoorsAcrylic Display Case with Sliding Doors

Acrylic Display Case with Sliding Doors

Acrylic Display Case with Sliding Doors,Locking display case with 1, 2, or 3 shelves is made of clear acrylic, and comes in your choice of 3 sizes. Each case has 2 sliding doors on tracks that slide horizontally in either direction for access to your products. Lock and 2 keys are included with each case. With the clear back, the case can be used with the doors either facing the clerk or the customer. Cases with mirrored back panels will have front facing doors.

This roomy display case is used to safely store sale items like cell phones, electronics, medical and dental supplies, retail items, and jewelry. The perfect choice wherever a locking showcase is needed. Keeps your products safe and secure and has an easy slide handle on each door.

Display cabinets are loved by collectors. Items like awards and trophies can be displayed in a protected enclosure for all to see. These cases have clear non-skid feet for sitting on tables and shelves in homes. Rock and mineral collectors exhibit valuable specimens and keep them dust free. Museum shops frequently use our cases to show off high value items like jewelry, lighters, and gems. Just about any type of collection can be protected in these sturdy cases: baseball cards (individual card easles are availble in the Easel category on this site), models, action figures, knives, hanmade goods, and on.

Choose from cases with clear acrylic back panel or mirrored acrylic back panel. Mirrored back panels reflect back the rear side collectibles.

A high quality display case by Choice Acrylic Displays.