Countertop acrylic display rackCountertop acrylic display rackCountertop acrylic display rackCountertop acrylic display rack

Countertop acrylic display rackThe countertop placed on the acrylic countertop display stand has its own luminous effect in the counter of the mall. The consumer can see at a glance, and the luminous LOGO display also brings more vivid visual effects to the brand’s propaganda. Terminal selection

To make a countertop display stand, our advantages:

1. Highly transparent and superior acrylic plexiglass material, guaranteed no discoloration for 3 years, no yellowing, imported raw materials! Quality is guaranteed!

2. Stitching without bubbles, no traces. Unique adhesive formula, professional and technical personnel operation!

3. Accurate size and accurate measurement. Professional laser laser cutting machine processing technology!

4. The surface treatment is smooth and not thorny. Professional machinery plus artificial edging to ensure the smoothness of the finished product!

5. Focus on the production of plexiglass products, the delivery of professional machinery production quality is guaranteed!