Acrylic Perfume Display Stand

A cute visual display of perfume merchandise is the second biggest selling point after the perfumes’ fragrance. Perfume bottles usually come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. As such, your retail space needs a versatile type of acrylic perfume display stand, which can hold perfume bottles of varying sizes and shapes.

Apart from making a fine display, the stand should also have ample space on which you can imprint the perfumes’ brand, logo, or specific product information. Therefore, apart from serving as product holders, these stands also actively promote your merchandise.

In addition to making an appealing display, your fine selection of sweet smelling perfumes needs to be kept in a dry and cool place. If you expose your perfume merchandise to sunlight or heat, you risk the perfumes going into an early expiry, which can be less than the 3-5 year lifespan that most perfumes typically have.

We provide you with ideal display and storage solutions by offering varying custom-designed acrylic perfume display stands, which are an ultimate eye-catcher for your shoppers.

We customize a wide array of acrylic perfume display stands that can hold single or multiple bottles of varying shapes and sizes. These units can be tiered, hollowed, slotted, or made into compartments with shelves or sealable casings, capable of keeping an environment with stable humidity. The type of design you get depends on the kind of perfume bottles you want to display, and the kind of appeal you wish to create for your clientele.

Our perfume display stand designers can customize virtually all display unit variables, including style, dimensions, color, brand, structure, and printing patterns to give you a unique display unit.

All you need to do is show us a sample of the perfumes you intend to display, product logos, graphic prints, and a brief description, and we will create a design that suits your specific needs. With the inclusion of spaces for graphics and even some LED lighting, if required, we can make your stands appear brilliant and visually appealing.