Acrylic black make-up display box

Product advantages

1: Environmentally friendly materials, real materials, crystal clear. (Industry General Standard)

2: Ingenious craftsmanship, pure manual process, no bubbles in the bond, the product is resistant to falling and anti-aging.

3: The delivery period is stable.

Acrylic display box

Application range / usage scenario

Applications: Electronic components, a wide range of cosmetics, skin care products, make-up, underwear, bras, socks and other miscellaneous items can be classified and stored.

Use scene: multi-scene applications such as home, bathroom, bathroom, make-up countertop, bedroom, etc.

Acrylic display boxes are very common in people’s lives because of their many advantages, making them a wide range of applications and coverage. The following is a detailed description of the performance characteristics of the lower acrylic display box by a display product official website, so that everyone can have a better understanding and understanding.

First, the acrylic display box has a very good plasticity. Whether you want to hold any product, you can customize a unique and unique box. Because acrylic can shape a wide variety of shapes through hot bending, and can also achieve a variety of functions through bonding. Only everyone can’t think of it, there is no acrylic display box shape that can’t be built.

Second, the acrylic display case has an advantage over other material boxes, and its transparency is better than that of a glass case. Whether you use it to display any product, you can see the characteristics of the product through it, so the location is very subtle. This is also very beneficial for manufacturers, some valuable products do not need to open the box to let customers watch, to a certain extent also ensure safety.

Third, don’t look at the acrylic display box has many advantages, its price is more economical than other materials. As you know, the acrylic display box is plexiglass, which is cheaper, mainly because its processing technology is very simple. If it is a metal or wood material, their processing is very cumbersome, which invisibly increases the cost of the product. The acrylic display box is both easy to use and cheap. Therefore, many businesses can use the acrylic display box, and absolutely do not choose the box of other materials.