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Acrylic color eye shadow display stand

Acrylic color eye shadow display stand

Acrylic color eye shadow display stand, plexiglass display stand made of all raw materials and plate production has high transparency, good light transmission, strong toughness, and can meet the high temperament of the product. It is the fir
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  Product category: color eye shadow display stand

  Brand: A show

  Whether to import: No Material: Acrylic

  Specific material: Acrylic

  Product features: no cover

  Function: Finishing Storage scene: Table

  Scope of application: cosmetics

  Style: simple and modern
Acrylic color eye shadow display stand

  What are the choices of acrylic materials:

  1. Material selection. The materials used to make the plexiglass display stand are divided into high and low grades, and the materials used are all raw material sheets, trim sheets, recycled materials sheets and scrap sheets.

  The plexiglass display stand of all raw material production and sheet production has high transparency, good light transmittance and strong toughness. It is required to bring out the high temperament of the product, and is the first choice for the production of high-grade display stands. Plexiglass display stands made from scraps and recycled boards are generally used for mid-range display products.

  This part has higher requirements on the shape of the plexiglass display stand, and the main focus is on the display of products. The display rack products made of waste materials are less in the market, and are mainly used for some low-end display stand products that only play the role without any other requirements.

  According to the requirements of customers and the characteristics and requirements of the products, we can select suitable high, medium and low grade materials to save production and processing costs.

  2. Color selection. Each company has its own corporate culture and benchmark color, and chooses the color that is consistent with the visual system of the corporate culture, so that the plexiglass display frame can effectively form a perfect unity with the corporate culture, so that the displayed products can be integrated into the corporate visual system. The display value of the product.

  3. Design the display frame that conforms to the product. According to the shape and pattern of the customer's products, the design of a reasonable and appropriate plexiglass display frame shape, saving materials to avoid unnecessary waste, reducing the production and processing costs of the product.