Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

It made of PS, eco-friendly material, high transparency. It has the high funtion of organization, which can save our room, and make it looks more tidy and clear. For this one, it is made of up of two parts, top parts and bottom part can be sold separately or sold together, price is different. Price shown is for the whole set. Feel free to get us if you need only one part. Happy Shopping!


1.How to make your customized design products?

Please send us the pictures first. And tell us the size you need include logo, text or words.

2. How to get the item price?

You see in our website.Mostly items are customized by our customers. And it can be customized different size, different logo,

different colors, different package and do on. So we cannot quote you at once,

Please tell us the detail information below:

1) You had better have drawings, samples, product photos or send us the item Number.

2) Quantity and expected time for delivery.

3) If you need sandblasting and inner sculpture, please inform us at the same time.

4) Your detailed contact method.

3. What is the minimum order quantity you want?

We are manufactory of glass and we’d like accept small order. But our lowest price is based on your order quantity.

4. What is your principle for the samples?

If your sample has custom logo.It need collect sample fee.Bcoz we should set-up the logo.

If you take our stock sample and willing to pay the shipping cost, it is free mostly.

5. How long will it last before delivery?

As usual, one week is enough after your order to deliver your goods. But for some gifts with small quantity and less complicated

crafts, we can deliver earlier before the deadline. If customers need urgent orders, we can negotiate the time for delivery but

you have to pay some extra expenses.

6. What is the common means of shipping normally?

Normally, we send samples by express.

If total weight is less than 100kg, we suggest that choose express.

If total weight is 100kg to 200kg, we suggest that choose air shipping.

If total weight is over 200kg, we suggest that choose sea shipping.

But if your time is urgent, we could discuss together, choose the best.

7. Which payment can be acceptable? and how to do it?

We could accept the payment T/T, Western Union and Paypal. For the sample fee, customer should pay in full. For the mass order,

customer should pay 40% deposit at least; the balance should be paid before shipping goods.