Acrylic makeup storage box lipstick display stand

Acrylic makeup storage box lipstick display stand

Acrylic makeup storage box lipstick display stand

This is a transparent cosmetics storage box, made of high quality material for durable and long lasting use. It contains several small compartments for different cosmetic to storage. It can receive lipstick, nail polish, perfume, essential oil, lip gloss, etc.

Lightweight, you can take it to anywhere.

Your makeup deserves the best and with our acrylic makeup organisers you won’t be searching the bottom of your Ikea drawer for your favourite lipstick, or discovering that your new palette has been scuffed up and damaged ever again.

Our cosmetic organisers come in a large range of styles and sizes- from huge display cases like our that’s large enough to fit your whole makeup collection, to sleek boxes and trays that house your tools, accessories, and other necessities.

We’ve designed our range to be a chic addition to your vanity and to also provide a practical solution for storing your makeup items- like our Makeup Brush Holder that has 3 sections and a flip open lid that keeps your brushes dust free and ready for use.

Rotating makeup that you use frequently in and out of this sleek organiser is a sure way to streamline your get ready routine and make sure your newest and hottest favs are within easy reach.

We’ve designed acrylic cosmetic dividers for everything from your foundation to your compacts to ensure that your makeup storage game is always on point.

If you wear makeup everyday, like us, there’s just so many opportunities for things to get out of control. So we’ve compiled some tips to help you tidy up, and make sure you’re never late again because you couldn’t find that damn eyeliner.

For many of us a simple drawer in the bathroom or dresser is not enough storage space. Counters can become cluttered and look messy. Keeping organized is difficult. The Acrylic Makeup Organizer is a real life saver. No more mess, no more clutter.

Whether it’s makeup, jewellery, hair accessories or nail care, you can neatly organize and easily locate your items, while also add style and elegance.

Crafted of tough crystal clear acrylic, it is so lovely, you’ll proudly display this deluxe organizer on your dresser, your bathroom or vanity to hold everything from necklaces to makeup to sunscreen!

1. This kind of Acrylic Cosmetic Box are made of Cast Acrylic, after precisely cut by machine, they go through a seriers of process like diamond polish.

2. The Size, Color, Logo can be made as customers’ require.

3. The usual thickness for the material is from 2mm to 5mm, other thickness is available too.

4. About the Logo: various method for choosing, silk screen, Etched/Laser Printing, Glod Stamping, Thermal Transfer

Printing, 4C UV printing.

5. About Delivery: Usual Delivery is 22 to 25 working days, details please contact us directly.


1) Safety and Eco-friendly: Recyclable and top grade acrylic sheet which are harmless to human and environment.

2) Suitable for supermarket, store and shop to display your price tag or products to customers and to reach a good promotion function.

3) Humanized design, all of the edges are polished by diamond polish machine to make it smooth so as to protect people from being hurt by the sharp edges.

4) Size and shape can be customized according to customers’ need.