Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer wholesale

Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer,Our Acrylic Makeup Drawer is great for every room in the home. A must-have for makeup lovers, these three pull-out drawers are great for storing lipsticks, eye shadows, liners, and more. This acrylic beauty cube display also can be used to store office and craft supplies, accessories and jewelry, or even single serve coffee pods.

The size,color,drawers quantity,thickness,knobs,design etc can be customized.

The Liya has the largest range, best quality and best value Makeup Organizers on the market today. Our Makeup Organizers are made from thick durable clear acrylic meaning that they will stand the test of time whilst looking great. Being made from clear acrylic means that you can easily find your makeup items quickly and when you need them most.

Every woman needs loads of makeup items to get ready for the special occasions look their best. But where does all that makeup goes when not in use?

As it mostly happens, it’s cluttered and piled up into that front drawer of your dresser. But if you want a perfect health and beauty routine, it doesn’t have to stay like that.

There are plenty of makeup accessories that you can invest in so that all your makeup stuff is kept organized and remains in easy reach when you need it the most.

Whether it is your favorite lipstick shade or that beautiful eyeliner which you had bought the last time you went to the market, everything needs to find proper storage so that you can find it whenever you need it the next time. We bring you a range of storage organizers and makeup and jewelry display boxes to give your makeup items a permanent home.

It even makes it easy to carry your makeup kits along whenever you have to move around and travel to another city or, maybe, a major event you may have to attend.

Keep your cosmetics and accessories easily accessible and organised with this extensive cosmetic makeup organizer.

Perfect also for jewellery, the top tier is completely removable and detachable which makes for two seperate storage units.


Removable top tier

Top and bottom separate for a variety of uses

Transparent storage compartments for make up or jewellery

The clear acrylic make helps keep it looking sleek and clean in any setting