Introduction about Custom Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stands

Custom acrylic cosmetics display stands are popular display equipment in cosmetics stores. They are also called as cosmetics display racks, cosmetics organisers, etc. Custom cosmetics display is normally designed and produced according to your product feature, your marketing demand and your specific request. The custom cosmetics display manufacturer may also give you their professional advice to create better cosmetics display stands for you.


They are used for many cosmetics like sunscreen cream, foundation, concealer, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye lash, blush, facial cleanser, lipstick, makeup spray and many other cosmetics.

Custom Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stands Structure Classification:

According to the structure, acrylic cosmetics stands can be classified as countertop display stands, floor standing(flooring) display stands, wall mounted display stands. Moreover, we can classify them as single side display stand, double side display stand, rotating(rotatable) cosmetics display stand and non-rotating(non-rotatable) cosmetics stand.

How can I choose the structure of custom cosmetics stands/racks?

The structure choosing should consider according to your product feature and application demand.

For example, if you want to display many cosmetics on the stand, the size of the cosmetics stand will be large. Then you can choose a floor standing display stand.

If you want to promote your hot-sale/new cosmetics, then you may choose a custom counter cosmetics display.

If the cosmetics need to be seen from any direction, then you can choose a four-sides display stands or a rotatable display stands.

What information should I provide to the custom cosmetics display stands manufacturer?

Since the display stands are customized, they should be designed according to your product feature and advantages. It is better to give the display stand manufacturer your product information, like your product photo, size, the display place, etc.

Also, it would be better that you can tell them your specific requirements. They will analyze your information and provide you several design thinkings, including their professional advice.

The advantages of custom acrylic cosmetics stands/racks/organizers.

Custom acrylic cosmetics display stands/racks/organizers are very effective way and tools to help you attract the consumers. Better display visual effect cosmetics can quickly attract the customers’ eyes and guide them walk into your store.

In addition, they are also important brand promotion tools to help you improve your marketing share. Exclusive stores, shopping malls, cosmetics chain stores, duty-free stores, cosmetics retail stores are all suitable to use custom cosmetics display stands.

  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  Is custom cosmetics stands design service available?

We are cosmetics display stands designer and manufacturer, we provide custom service. The above custom cosmetics stands are just some sample stands we have made for our customer. No matter what kind of cosmetics you product is, just provide us your product, and we will design a special custom acrylic cosmetics display stand/rack/organizer for you. You can also choose the above stands if you are interested.

What is the MOQ of the custom acrylic display stands for cosmetics?

Normally, our MOQ is 50 pieces. The product price will also change based on the order quantity. If your order quantity is large, the price will also be lower. In addition, the sample price is normally twice of the order price(one display stand).

How long will be the sampling time?

Once we confirmed the drawing design and quotation with you, and received your sample fee, we will start the sample production. The sampling time will be 3-10 days, depending on the custom display stands structure, production processes and production difficulty.

Is there any discount for the custom cosmetics display stands?

There will be some discount if your order quantity is large. Under this circumstance, please contact with us to get the best price and discount for your project.

What is the lifespan of your acrylic cosmetics display stands/racks/organizers?

Assuming proper care and storing, the display stands(racks, organizers) will last 5+ years. Long time exposure to the sun, bad placing environment, scratch and collision may damage the surface and structure of acrylic cosmetics display. Therefore, the lifespan of custom acrylic cosmetics display stands is not only related to the material quality, but also related to the application and maintenance.

Do you only produce acrylic material cosmetics display stands(racks, organizer)?

Basically, yes. Our main products are acrylic material display stands. We do not own any metal/wooden factory. But we also have some metal and wooden factory that are cooperating with us. We can produce multi-material custom cosmetics display stands if your order quantity is large.

What is your trade term and payment term?

So far, we only provide EXW and FOB trade term. Our payment term is Telegraphic Transfer(first choice), we also accept Paypal.