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Acrylic Advertising Sign Product Carving Tips

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  Acrylic Advertising Sign Product Carving Tips,Acrylic advertising signage products are based on acrylic substrates, cut through molding, and use the latest Japanese surface treatment technology. The product has easy engraving, easy coloring and painting, and excellent adhesion. The product has been treated with surface technology, so after the coloring and painting of the engraving part in the later stage, there is no need to treat the surface, so the operation is simple, the processing cost is low, Deformation, no odor, good moisture resistance and other advantages.
Acrylic Advertising Sign Product Carving Tips

  One of the tricks: Select a three-dimensional engraving (some people call: two-dimensional and half-engraving) scheme for engraving settings as much as possible. Select a 90-degree tapered knife for engraving, which visually weakens the rough feel of the engraved surface of the acrylic sheet.

  Trick two: When engraving is set, do not appear layered engraving, set to the best depth at one time, you can achieve by replacing the tool. This is because overlapping marks will appear after layered engraving, which affects the smoothness of lacquering at the engraved part.

  Trick No. 3: Because there is a sticky note on the surface of the workpiece before engraving, you can rest assured when filling. Directly use a brush to fill colors manually, saving paint and labor, and the effect is not bad.

  Tip 4: When using self-painting to fill colors, spray the paint in a paper cup and let it stand for 15 minutes, then fill it with a brush. Otherwise, the highly corrosive thinner in the self-painting will damage the paint surface of the workpiece.