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How to distinguish the quality of plexiglass plates?

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  How to distinguish the quality of plexiglass plates?Plexiglass panels have been widely used in the signage industry, construction industry, experimental device processing industry and other fields due to their superior light transmission, high strength, chemical weather resistance, and easier dyeing and molding.  At the same time, compared with ordinary glass, affordable plexiglass will not add additional economic burden to users. So, how should people judge the quality of plexiglass plates?
How to distinguish the quality of plexiglass plates?

  1. Transmittance identification

  People can identify the transmittance by irradiating the organic glass plate with white light. If the light transmitted through the plexiglass plate is very pure, and there is no yellowing or blue stray light, it means that the glass plate is a plate with better light transmittance. At the same time, the material of the more pure plexiglass sheet is also more pure, without other variegated colors.custom acrylic case

  2. Thickness identification

  An important feature that distinguishes plexiglass sheet from ordinary glass sheet is its thickness. Generally speaking, manufacturers can customize various thickness levels according to the needs of users. Generally, the plexiglass plate with better material, no matter how thick, is not irritating when cutting, and the material of the cutting section is uniform. Therefore, one can distinguish the quality of glass plates of different thicknesses through this feature.

  3. heating identification

  It is well known that a good plexiglass plate has good chemical weather resistance, not only resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, but also uncombustible, and does not produce an unpleasant odor during heat treatment. Therefore, one can measure the quality by heating the corners. If the glass plate is not easy to produce bubbles and deformation in addition to the unpleasant smell when heated, then people can rest assured to buy.clear acrylic boxes wholesale

  From the above description, people can identify the quality of the plexiglass plate through three methods: light transmission identification, thickness identification, and heating identification. At the same time, the relatively outstanding quality of the plexiglass plates can also withstand the identification of soft roasting. Good soft plexiglass plates can be easily separated even if they are pasted together.