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how acrylic nails are applied

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  how acrylic nails are applied,Acrylic (acrylic) nails are the latest trend and are quickly becoming an integral part of nail art. Among all acrylic nails, white and pink have always been the most popular ladies' favorites. You can install this nail in a professional nail shop. But if you don't want to spend more, you can do it yourself at home. This not only saves a lot of money, but once you have the installation skills, you can use and remove acrylic nails anytime. Using this nail is easy, here is how to do it.
how acrylic nails are applied

  The materials needed are:


  Nail Polish Base

  Preparing nails

  Crystal nail powder

  False nail tips

  Pink Nail Polish

  White nail polish

  Nail brush

  Clean nails

  Nail file

  Nail polisher

  Manicure with orange wooden stick

  的 Order of installing nails

  Use nail polish remover to remove old nail polish.

  Thoroughly washing your hands and nails is the key to successfully installing acrylic nails. Hand sanitizer is the best choice.

  Use a file to trim your nails. Make sure all nails are of proper length before installation. Avoid keeping long nails, as acrylic nails work better on short nails.

  Use a brightener to smooth the nail surface. Remember, you need to remove the natural gloss of the nails. This means that the top layer of the nail needs to be removed in order to better glue it to the acrylic nails.

  Use orange wooden stick to push back the cuticle at the base of the nail. You can first soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes to make them softer.

  Remove excess moisture and grease from the nail bed.

  Apply nail polish base on the entire nail. It will appear chalky when dry. It feels inconspicuous at first, but this is the first step in installing acrylic nails.

  Wipe the monomer gently with a nail brush. Then dipped in acrylic beads.

  Place the beads on the base of the nail bed and flatten them with a brush. Make sure to roll on your nails and squeeze excess acrylic out of the top of the nails. Repeat this step on all nails.

  When the acrylic color becomes dull, quickly attach a fake nail head. Apply pressure gently and hold for at least 30 seconds. Remove excess acrylic when secure.

  Next you can trim the nail head to the shape and size you want. Color all nails (except the nail head).

  Apply a layer of colorless nail polish to the entire nail and allow it to dry. Pink and white acrylic nails are ready.