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Advantages of acrylic display stand

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  Advantages of acrylic display stand,Acrylic display racks are widely used in our lives because of their advantages such as environmental protection and high hardness. So what advantages does acrylic display racks have over other display racks?
Advantages of acrylic display stand

  Advantage 1: High hardness is one of the parameters that can best reflect the production technology and technology of cast acrylic display stand, and it is an important part of quality control. The hardness directly affects whether the board shrinks and bends. Whether there will be cracks on the surface during processing is one of the hard marks for judging the quality of acrylic boards. Has excellent toughness and light transmission.

  Advantage two: imported gloss raw materials, soft gloss, good reflective effect, with store lighting, elegant quality.

  Advantage 3: Transparency acrylic display rack is strict raw material selection, advanced formula and modern production technology to ensure the transparency and purity of the plate, crystal clear after laser polishing. Imported acrylic is colorless and transparent, with a transparency of more than 95% and no yellow reflection.

  Advantage 4: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials are harmless in contact with the human body, and will not contain toxic component gases when burning.

  Advantage five: Convenient operation In the decoration of acrylic display racks, only positioning holes and wire drawing holes need to be left for installation and use, saving time and effort.