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Extensive application of plexiglass materials

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  Extensive application of plexiglass materials,The plexiglass material is widely used, and it can be seen even on aviation equipment. Like most other polymer materials, its performance is affected by the moisture in the air, and the plexiglass plate will have a certain ageing. Performance will have some impact.
Extensive application of plexiglass materials

  The tests show that the moisture content of organic glass of different thickness is similar. As the thickness increases, that is, the weight of the sample increases, the water content decreases, and the corresponding tensile strength increases. As the thickness increases, the short-term water absorption of plexiglass decreases, and the amount of water absorption is similar. The increase in sample weight causes the short-term water absorption to decrease.

  In modern home decoration, many people like to choose glass to decorate their doors and windows. But is plexiglass similar to ordinary glass? In fact, this is not the case. So what is the difference between plexiglass and ordinary glass?

  Glass is also divided into inorganic and organic, which has caused some confusion to consumers. In the end, should you choose organic glass door? Or ordinary glass door? How do you compare organic glass with ordinary glass?

  The raw material of plexiglass door is plexiglass, and plexiglass is a kind of high molecular transparent material. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, generally referred to as PMMA, which is polymerized from methyl methacrylate. It has many characteristics not found in ordinary glass.

  1. Appearance: The appearance of the plexiglass door is a mirror effect, no seams, no wrinkles, exquisite workmanship, rich colors, and strong aesthetics.

  2. Transmittance: The transmittance of plexiglass is very good. The transmittance is 96% after testing, and the light projected will be softer.

  3. Impact resistance: The impact resistance of plexiglass is more than 200 times that of ordinary glass. It is not a particularly strong external force, and the problem of fracture and fragmentation will basically not occur. The safety is high.

  4. Long life: Plexiglass can ensure that it will not fade after long-term use, and the service life of the better quality plate is up to 6-13 years.

  5. Flame resistance: As a decoration product for construction and home improvement, the flame resistance is necessary, and the plexiglass has good flame resistance and will not spontaneously ignite or even self-extinguish.

  Ordinary glass has a lot of contact with everyone. It is a relatively transparent solid material. The main component is silicon dioxide, which is a non-metallic material of silicate type. Flat ordinary glass has the properties of light transmission, sound insulation, heat insulation, abrasion resistance, heat insulation, heat absorption, radiation protection, etc., and is often widely used in building windows and doors, walls and interior decoration.