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What are the characteristics of acrylic table?

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  What are the characteristics of acrylic table?Many people choose acrylic as the countertop. It is very common to use this material for wall decoration. What caused the acrylic countertops to be recognized by more and more people. This article briefly describes the characteristics of the table top made of acrylic material?

  1. The color of composite acrylic countertops is various. White, light yellow, and milky white are freely matched. A variety of different custom cabinet regulations can be considered to give full play to imagination.

  2, composite acrylic board is decent material, no penetration, no porosity, good ductility, yellowing resistance;

  3, mild touch, impact resistance, heat and cold resistance, durable, no deformation;

  4. Kitchen countertops that are absolutely environmentally friendly, no radiation, non-toxic, and can be touched immediately with ingredients;

  5. Good flexibility, strong plasticity, and can be heated and bent to form. No matter what design concept requirements the customer has, it can be considered.

  6. Each style is equipped with the same color strong glue, and the plates can be pieced together seamlessly;

  7. Strong resistance to oil, pollution, water and germs, very easy to clean up;

  8. Each style is equipped with the same color strong glue, and the plates can be pieced together seamlessly.

  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic countertops?


  1. Compared with general artificial stone plates, the composite acrylic table has ductility, and it is not easy to crack and deform.

  2. The surface of the acrylic table is very detailed, has smoothness, high environmental protection characteristics, bright colors, no radiation and no toxicity, and strong particulate matter.

  3. It has good characteristics such as Rashen and bending impact, which are higher than about 20% than ordinary artificial marble;

  4. The air oxidation index value of composite acrylic board exceeds 41. Good flame retardant grade, pollution resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than general artificial stone countertops;

  5. In appearance, the composite acrylic countertop has a delicate layering, bright colors, good smoothness, and mild touch. It has a good decorative art in the restaurant kitchen.


  Acrylic countertops are slightly weaker than artificial quartz stones. Friction of non-smooth objects can easily damage the color of the countertops. The compound type acrylic board has a heat resistance of more than 90 degrees, and the pure acrylic board has a heat resistance of 120 degrees. However, it cannot be connected to super-temperature objects for a long time.