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Advantages of acrylic jellyfish tanks

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  Advantages of acrylic jellyfish tanks,Acrylic, also known as special treated plexiglass, is an upgraded product of plexiglass. Acrylic jellyfish tank is a premium aquatic product. The entire jellyfish tank is very transparent and the tank body is seamlessly connected. Compared with ordinary glass jellyfish tanks, the appearance is more beautiful and the safety factor is higher and more secure.
Advantages of acrylic jellyfish tanks

  2. Under what circumstances is an acrylic jellyfish tank more suitable?

  The jellyfish tank made of acrylic has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It can be used safely indoors and outdoors. It has a very high hardness. The average hardness of an acrylic jellyfish tank is about 89 degrees. Acrylic jellyfish tanks have high impact resistance, up to 16 times higher than ordinary glass. Suitable for installation in special needs and safe places.

  Third, other advantages of acrylic jellyfish tank?

  Acrylic jellyfish tanks are light in weight and are half the weight of ordinary glass fish tanks. This makes acrylic jellyfish tanks less heavy pressure on buildings and supports.

  24. So how should we clean the acrylic jellyfish tank?

  Acrylic jellyfish tanks are easy to maintain and clean. For general dust treatment, you can use feather duster or water, and then use a soft cloth to wipe the acrylic jellyfish tank. Detergent or soapy water can remove the oil stains on the surface of the acrylic jellyfish tank with a soft cloth.

  Pay attention to feeding. Jellyfish start feeding every other day after entering the tank, once or twice a day. When feeding, the jellyfish should be on or near the jellyfish, so that the jellyfish can better prey. It is also important to clean the filter cotton. This will greatly reduce the water pollution in the jellyfish tank and improve the stability of the jellyfish tank system operation. Regularly scrubbing the inner wall of the jellyfish tank can keep the jellyfish tank watching. In addition, replenishing, changing water, and sucking dirt are also important tasks for daily maintenance of the branch plant. Simultaneously changing water and sucking dirt can greatly improve the efficiency of the clean jellyfish tank.