Product can be any size as your request. Just inform us your request size and we can customize it. It is a very direct and easy way to show your items.

This Elegant Lucite Bridesmaid Box Acrylic Wedding Gift Packaging Box is available for many kinds of precious jewelry,like bracelets,rings,earring,necklaces,watches, money, or other precious thing to storage.

This box made from high quality lucite case sheets. Get the boxes to see how beautiful they are!

The size can be customized as your request, so just inform us your items, we can customize it for you.


1. Simple but exquisite

2. High quality of acrylic / perspex / lucite / plexiglass materials

3. Multi- function

4. Custom service is acceptable

5. Attach great importance to after-sales service

What is the general light transmittance of acrylic?

It is about 92% (FYI, light transmittance for clear float glass is about 86%).

Compared with glass, what is the advantages of acrylic?

Acrylic is with higher light transmittance, half weight comparing with glass and breakage-proof.

Where acrylic products can be used for?

It can be used in display shelf (for supermarket, glasses, etc), light box, window & door, make-up box, aquarium, instrument panel, trophies, and so on.

How many processing ways for acrylic?

It can be cut, jointed, polished, drilled, engraved, bent, screen-printed, plastic suctioned, blow molded, air brushed & UV printed, etc..

How many color and thickness for acrylic?

It is various and can be supplied according to your samples.