Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Storage Box

Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Storage Box

Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Storage Box

Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Storage Box

Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Storage Box,This 5 side transparent plexiglass Vinyl Record Storage Box is made by purely transparent acrylic.It can also stackable and save space.

And also have the convenient handles.


Store and display your vinyl record collection in style with this acrylic record holder.

A perfect accessory to your record collection, this vinyl record holder allows you to store and easily browse through your record collection.

Made entirely from clear acrylic, which has better optical clarity than glass, the record holder displays your collection perfectly without detracting from the record sleeves.

Each record holder box has two carry handles to make moving and transporting quick and easy.

Constructed from 6mm clear acrylic thoughout

Dimensions: 390mm in diameter, 495mm height

Three equally spaced fixed shelves with 118mm between each

Clear acrylic construction allows high visibility of your products

Open Back – allows for items to be easily accessed, great for sitting on a till where a member of staff has quick access to the items. The opening is 200mm

Hinge door – allows for items to be kept dust free but still with easy access.

Forget about milk crates and clunky wood holders, ’ modern crystal clear album stand is practically an art piece in itself and a place to proudly display your collection. A perfect gift for any music lover!

It is so fun to flip through a record collection and view the unique album art. The slatted design and 45 degree angles makes accessing all your records easy while protecting them from warping and dust.

The grooved bottom keeps records your records separated and prevents them from sliding into a large bunch.

Modern Design – This modern and contemporary LP record holder allows you to display and flip through your treasured collection in style. The unique design is crisp, clean, and contemporary featuring rounded edges and high gloss polished acrylic. There is quite simply nothing else like it available.

Quality – Acrylic is an expensive plastic material that mimics the properties of glass without the fragility. Acrylic is half the weight of glass and 17 times stronger. It is lightweight, durable, scratch resistant, and offers optimal optical clarity. The base uses a solid 3/4“ thick slab of top of the line extruded acrylic sheets which are molded, contoured, and hand polished to shape.

Grooved surface – The base has special grooves carved into the surface to prevent your records from sliding to one end and helps keep them separated so you can easily flip through your collection.

Stability – The special tongue and groove notched design stabilizes the back panels to the cross bars insuring stability and keeps the base and supports firmly in place.

Multi functional – Ideal for vinyl LPs but it will also showcase your 45, DVD or CD collection as well.

Capacity – Easily holds 50 LPs with plenty of “flip” room. The maximum LP capacity is 70 but we recommend no more than 50 so you can easily flip through your collection.

Dimensions – Measures 14″ in depth, 7″ wide, and 7 1/2″ tall. Will fit on most countertops and shelving units.

Guaranteed! – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you don’t absolutely love your Record Stand, ship it back for a 100% refund.

The proper way to store records is in the upright position. This stand allows you to store 50 records while still providing easy access.

As a vinyl aficionado, you probably agree that today’s music downloads takes away from the personal connection of physically perusing a pile of records. How fun is it to flip through a stack of records, going back to a time and place at the sight of a certain album? Hide your records no longer with the Album Stand and Holder.

Can I order larger frames than what is available on your website?

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.

What size frame should I order?

Just enter the dimensions of your artwork as your ordering size. We will automatically determine the best frame size. Typically, we will add a 2″ border on all 4 sides.