Clear Acrylic Box wholesale

If you are looking for a transparent acrylic box, then you have come to the right place. We are a manufacturer that can customize all kinds of acrylic boxes for you. We focus on wholesale, and we can achieve it as long as you need it.

At Liya, we insist on providing the best transparent acrylic box. The materials used are all the best acrylic on the market. After being selected by our experienced team, we hope to guarantee customers in every aspect of the product.

A transparent acrylic box has many uses because the material is different from other boxes, it is transparent, so you can use it in retail stores or your own home. It looks clean and beautiful.

We provide different types of transparent acrylic boxes, the specific shape and size are completely determined by you, which mainly depends on the usage scenarios and needs of each customer.

About transparent acrylic box

Acrylic boxes have good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties, and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, and beautiful appearance. The processing performance is good, that is, it is suitable for mechanical processing and easy to thermoform, non-toxic, the product is simple, beautiful, and practical. The product can be customized according to customer requirements with samples and drawings.

Our factory has a full set of plexiglass (acrylic) crafts manufacturing equipment, and the factory has a complete set of production lines for computer design, mold making, die-casting, cold punching, electroplating, baking, enamel, dripping, rot, printing, etc.

Our factory continuously introduces advanced acrylic processing equipment and technology, and continuously improves the level of acrylic technology. In many years of production and operation, our company has a skilled acrylic product team and an enthusiastic sales group. The principle of credibility first is to build an aircraft carrier in the acrylic industry.

Our company has established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign companies and keeps pace with the times. In future work, we will continue to provide new and old customers with better quality With products and perfect services, Liya also looks forward to cooperating with you.

Our clear acrylic boxes wholesale and exported to Australia, Britain, Pakistan, Canada, the United States, etc.