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The role of acrylic display in the exhibition

Booth: have you ever noticed that your stand is so plain and simple that you only use it as a stand for displaying goods? In fact, it doesn't need to be very innovative. It just needs to be combined with your products, unique but harmonious display in the whole layout. If it is a large-scale and important exhibition, you can customize the exhibition stand according to [...]

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What is the acrylic storage box and what are the benefits?

What is an acrylic storage box: Acrylic box is used to store cosmetics, sewing, jewelry and other articles; acrylic storage box should be classified into household goods industry, because it is crystal clear, high-end and generous, Many girls like to store cosmetics, sewing, jewelry and so on. Why acrylic storage box is good: Acrylic storage box is not only beautiful but also high-grade and durable. Our [...]

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The influence of acrylic storage box on life

In the era of individuality, it is a fashion for the public to show their true self. Besides showing yourself in clothes, accessories and language, where else can you express your ideas and your fashion? Your home, your room will be the best place. As the name suggests, acrylic storage box is made of acrylic material. The function of the storage box is that sometimes there [...]

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Acrylic box packaging method

1. Pay attention to the safety when transporting the products in the workshop, and do not collide and dump during the transportation process; 2. The general acrylic box needs to be scraped after being finished, so as to prevent customers from scratching their hands in the process of using. Safety first, from the scraping angle position, scrape the edge back and forth to avoid scraping hands. [...]

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Why are most acrylic boxes made into Tiandi cover box?

I don't know if I found it at home. Many acrylic gift boxes on the market will use the box type of Tiandi cover. Today, Yuefeng Xiaobian summarizes the reasons for this: 1. The same size of acrylic packaging box customization process, generally speaking, the heaven and earth cover gift box is relatively cheap. There is only one upper cover and one lower cover for the [...]

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Three characteristics of acrylic box making

Acrylic box is very common in the market, such as acrylic shoe box, acrylic cosmetic box, acrylic pen box, card box and so on. So many. Why is it so widely used? Here are three characteristics of acrylic box production First: acrylic box has a very high transparency, used to show shoes and cosmetics, can clearly and truly reflect the characteristics of the product, but also [...]

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Demand of organic glass cosmetics display stand

Plexiglass cosmetics display stand industry is a typical fully competitive industry. The vicious competition of a large number of low-end local enterprises and the large-scale entry of foreign brands make the whole industry more difficult. After years of development, China's plexiglass cosmetics display stand, its own trend is gradually clear, the current environment is also domestic and foreign troubles, opportunities and frustrations parallel, China's plexiglass cosmetics [...]

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The benefits of display shelf for product sales

Many customers who consume in shopping malls have the psychology of difficult choice, which depends on many factors. For example, young customers with low consumption will be hesitant because of their own economic situation. They can not afford to choose the high price, and they will worry about the poor quality when they choose the low price. However, the choice is more compromise, the price is [...]

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Why do cosmetics stores like to use acrylic display shelves?

If friends who often visit cosmetics shops pay attention to it, they will find that many cosmetics are displayed on acrylic display shelves with transparent, milky white, or black colors, which shows the cosmetics industry's love for acrylic display shelves. As for why cosmetics stores like acrylic display shelves so much, I believe you will get something after reading this article. 1. Acrylic display shelf has [...]

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Unique Best Acrylic Watch Display Stands

Display stands are an essential part of every business set up. Without them, you would not get the attention of the customers as much as you should, and you could end up losing the loyalty of your return customers. The stands are one of the best ways to rise above your competition. While there are many different types of stands, you can choose from. Your decision [...]

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