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How to distinguish the quality of acrylic products

How to distinguish the quality of acrylic products,Acrylic materials can be made into various types of plates, and compared with plastic plates, acrylic plates have excellent stability and durability, and the surface hardness is shiny, which can be made into a variety of products. Acrylic products that are currently very popular are a type of board that many people choose first. They can be processed not [...]

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What is Acrylic?Plexiglass

Whats is acrylic? Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Acrylic sheet is easy to fabricate, bonds well with adhesives and solvents, and is easy to thermoform. It has superior weathering properties compared to many other transparent plastics. Acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass. From durable [...]

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laser cut acrylic machine

laser cut acrylic machine,Acrylic laser cutting machine, also known as advertising laser engraving machine, the equipment is not only for acrylic processing, such as the two-color version of the advertising industry, PVC version and other general. There are many types of acrylic materials. There is a big difference between imported and domestic products. Imported plexiglass cuts out very smoothly. Some domestic impurities are too much and [...]

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What are the reasons for choosing plexiglass

What are the reasons for choosing plexiglass,As we all know, plexiglass is a special organic material designed according to the various properties and characteristics of glass materials. It has a transparent texture and more unique performance in the process of making it. For users, with the help of reliable quality organic glass, various applications can be achieved. Nowadays, due to the common promotion of the industry, [...]

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What do I need to prepare for acrylic?

At present, I have seen many acrylic products in life. Many of them are made by the corresponding customized services provided by acrylic manufacturers. This is also to meet everyone's needs for acrylic products. Acrylic custom-made enterprises with good services will provide buyers with many suggestions based on the use and usage of acrylic products. So let us understand what needs to be prepared in advance [...]

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The types and classification of acrylic

1.Acrylic board is divided into cast board and extruded board according to the production process. According to the light transmittance, it can be divided into transparent board, translucent board (including dyed board and transparent board), and color board (including black and white and color board). Impact plate, anti-ultraviolet plate, ordinary plate and special plate such as high impact plate, flame retardant plate, matte plate, metal effect [...]

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are acrylic nails bad

are acrylic nails bad,Nowadays, not only beautiful women have to dress beautifully, but also their fingernails and toenails. Therefore, the nail art industry has sprung up in the streets. It can not only decorate your natural nails, but also beautify your fingers with fake nails, so it is not impossible, only unexpected. With so many beautiful nails, they have different prices and different materials. Are these [...]

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Custom engraved acrylic charms

Here are the key points to know about custom Engraved Signs: Engraved Signs available in wood, plastic, metal and more. Lightweight, rigid yet flexible. Available in a variety of thicknesses. Great for name plates, name badges, corporate signage. Easy to install. Custom engraved pen sets, wall plaques, awards and corporate signage are perfect for all types of companies. Engraved frames, desk sets, and ornaments make great [...]

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About the hardness of plexiglass products

About the hardness of plexiglass products,Acrylic products mainly reflect the pros and cons of quality through visual inspection points such as transparency, brightness, and surface finish, but some strength requirements are often ignored by ordinary buyers or users. How do we test the hardness of acrylic products? The surface hardness and toughness of acrylic products are two more important strength indicators. The so-called hardness refers to [...]

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How to do a good acrylic sign design

How to do a good acrylic sign design,Acrylic sign design requires us to fully understand the situation in various aspects. This is a very critical part of our good design. When many people do these tasks, they do not consider the specific design work in a comprehensive way, so The final design can not satisfy yourself, and will have a great impact on future use. Understand [...]

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