Plexiglass display stands are display props that have become more and more popular with the rise of the exhibition display industry in recent years. The popular plexiglass itself is a chemical synthetic material, which has good transparency and processability. It is also currently used to make materials for ordinary display racks. Here’s how to choose a good plexiglass display rack?

How to choose a good plexiglass display stand

1. When purchasing, you can judge the quality of the acrylic display by touching it.

The appearance of the high-quality plexiglass display stand is round and smooth, and it feels good, and does not leave fingerprints or other marks casually. The display stand made of acrylic sheet can well bring out the brilliant and luxurious quality of jewellery, and has good visual effects. The credible plexiglass has been widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco, digital products, etc. Product display in the category.

2. Pay attention to the light transmittance of acrylic display rack when purchasing

选购 Pay attention to the light transmittance of acrylic display rack when purchasing. Because good plexiglass has excellent light transmission, the best acrylic display stands usually have good light transmission. The stability of acrylic display racks and their ability to bear pressure must also be considered. A good acrylic display stand is within the specified load-bearing range, and will not appear deformed or slightly distorted when items are placed at will.

3. Pay attention to the thickness of acrylic materials when purchasing

The thickness of the material is also one of the specifications for simply weighing the acrylic display. Due to the different materials used in the plexiglass display stand, its thickness will certainly be different. The purchaser can judge the quality of this production and quality directly by comparing with the thickness of the standard plexiglass display rack. Also pay attention to the color of the display stand. The high-quality plexiglass display has an average color and good integrity.

In short, how to choose a good plexiglass display stand has its own views. As a carrier of jewellery, the plexiglass display stand can be successfully designed to successfully establish a good brand image for jewelry companies. Able to successfully deepen people’s care and memory of jewelry brand in daily life. At the same time, it can be obtained that a very delicate jewelry plexiglass display can still increase the sales volume of jewelry.