How to distinguish the quality of acrylic products,Acrylic materials can be made into various types of plates, and compared with plastic plates, acrylic plates have excellent stability and durability, and the surface hardness is shiny, which can be made into a variety of products. Acrylic products that are currently very popular are a type of board that many people choose first. They can be processed not only into boards, but also into glass and other products. So how to distinguish the quality of acrylic products?

How to distinguish the quality of acrylic products

1.Identification by light transmittance

Generally speaking, the light emitted from excellent acrylic boards after the light is relatively pure, there is no blue or yellowing, and the light transmittance is better, especially the fine acrylic boards. pure. However, if it is a recycled acrylic sheet, the surface will have yellowing and the light transmission is not good. Therefore, the acrylic manufacturers that are not sold well suggest that the quality of the acrylic sheet can be identified by the light transmission.

2, identify by thickness

As acrylic sheet is generally measured by its thickness, there must be enough thickness to make it play a better role in later use. The surface hardness of the acrylic sheet made of pure new material is superior to the performance of Chinese businessmen, and the regenerated sheet has no irritating taste when cutting, and it is easy to be scratched, and it may produce an irritating taste when cutting, which can be deep Popular acrylic manufacturers suggest that you can also identify by thickness, and ask for the thickness of the acrylic sheet when buying.

3. Identification by burning

Acrylic sheet is generally non-flammable and does not produce a relatively unpleasant odor during processing. In particular, the acrylic sheet made by Wenxinliu is not easy to produce bubbles and deformation during processing and molding, and the recycled acrylic sheet is prone to bubble generation during molding and heating, making the full range of products. Acrylic manufacturers suggest that the quality of acrylic sheet can be identified by burning.

In summary, if you want to better distinguish the quality of acrylic products, you can not only identify them by light transmission, but also by thickness and fire. In addition, users can also soften the acrylic sheet and paste it together to see if they can be separated. The easy-to-separate acrylic sheet is made of pure new material because it is made of pure new material. Acrylic sheet is more durable to paint and ink.