are acrylic nails bad,Nowadays, not only beautiful women have to dress beautifully, but also their fingernails and toenails. Therefore, the nail art industry has sprung up in the streets. It can not only decorate your natural nails, but also beautify your fingers with fake nails, so it is not impossible, only unexpected. With so many beautiful nails, they have different prices and different materials. Are these artificial nails harmful to the human body? Today we will talk about acrylic nails commonly found in shopping malls and cheap stores. Whether you buy it in a mall or a cheap store, acrylic nails are harmless by themselves. However, what can cause side effects and cause health problems is removing the substance and sticking it.

are acrylic nails bad

First, the adhesive and solvent used for removal must be harmless. If your proprietary acrylic nails have been completed and the technician is using a mask, then there is a good chance that they contain some harmful chemicals (many technicians use surgical gloves as well). Customers may even have an allergic reaction to nails or solvents and adhesives, causing redness, itching, swelling or pain.

are acrylic nails bad

However, the biggest disadvantage of these acrylic additives is infection. If technicians use non-sterile nail tools to operate, or if the fake nails are separated from your natural nails, then bacterial or fungal infections will enter “sway” and flourish in a harmful sealed and warm and humid environment, and Causes nails to become discolored, thickened, and roughened. If not taken seriously, untreated infections can affect the nail bed and even cause natural nails to separate from the underlying skin.

Solvents used in removal and adhesives used in pasting may also irritate adjacent skin, especially for those who are allergic, and cause dermatitis. If you find a strong and acrid odor, you should speak it out and indicate that it may be that the nail shop is not ventilated properly; if you feel nauseous, go outdoors immediately and get some fresh air.

Therefore, acrylic nails that can be bought in cheap stores are not a problem in themselves. However, whether it is a cheap store or a big mall, you must carefully observe whether the nail store has a nail qualification, a technician has a professional certificate, and Are all tools properly sterilized and have her hands been washed. And it is also important that artificial nails are used within three months and then require a month of “rest” to restore the natural nails.