Grinding method for scratches on the surface of acrylic products,Acrylic products have excellent performance. In the shopping mall, we can see various beautiful mobile phone display stands, jewelry display cabinets, and various

Grinding method for scratches on the surface of acrylic prod

The shelves of snack goods, food boxes, etc. are made of acrylic materials.

Acrylic products are transparent in appearance and bright in color, so they are often made into various crafts, but in the process of use, acrylic products

It is inevitable that there will be scratches, which will cause small scratches on the crafts, so you can remove the fines on the acrylic products.wholesale acrylic trays

What about scratches?

In fact, if it is just a small scratch, you can wipe it with suede and toothpaste. You only need to wipe it several times.

Remove this scratch. If it is a deep scratch, you can use the finest water sandpaper, and add water to the scratch and the surrounding area.

The pads are smoothed, then washed with water, and finally wiped with suede and toothpaste. If scratches are still visible at this time, then

This means that the sanding depth is not enough, so you need to repeat the sanding again.

Acrylic products can be customized, and have high resistance to high and low temperature deformation, good heat bending, so it can be made into various shapes and styles wholesale acrylic boxes clear

Very rich.

There are problems that need attention during the grinding process, such as the use of water sandpaper on the surface after grinding. Do not panic at this time, use

After toothpaste is wiped, the light of plexiglass crafts can be restored. The degree of sanding with water sandpaper must be based on the depth of the scratch

Make a judgment. You can use a car electric waxing machine to polish the plexiglass crafts, just need to apply toothpaste to polish, this

This method is also relatively fast.