New design acrylic glass trophy

Take Your Awards to the Next Level with Acrylic Awards

If you are looking for a fun and unique yet professional take on recognition awards, acrylic awards are for you. Acrylic is much more versatile than crystal which allows for more creativity, color, and personalization than crystal awards. uses only quality acrylic in our acrylic awards which ensures that your acrylic trophy will look as stunning as any crystal or glass award. Our affordable line of acrylic trophies is perfect for any awards, from sporting tournaments to corporate awards.

liYA vast selection of acrylic awards ranges from clear acrylic to jade acrylic to VividPrint color including acrylic plaques and trophies of all shapes and sizes. We have the acrylic award you’ve been looking for, and free engraving to make it your own. Acrylic will take your awards to the next level and leave money in your budget.

Customize Your Acrylic Award with Help from Our Experts

If our wide array of acrylic awards does not include your perfect award, try custom! Let your imagination run wild when designing your custom acrylic award. Acrylic can be combined with metal, a wide variety of colors, customized engraving, all of which can add colors, patterns, and textures not possible with a custom crystal award. Acrylic trophies are much more durable than crystal trophies. As a result, quality acrylic is much easier to transform into different shapes. Acrylic can feature multiple layers with multiple components and materials to add a level dimension not possible with crystal.