Custom wholesale acrylic trophies

Custom wholesale acrylic trophies

1. Size design: customized according to customer needs. Design Description: you only need to provide us with your design scheme, that is, electronic documents or diagrams, to tell us the product ideas. We will complete all the decorations and necessary process design. Before your order, we will send you the complete design scheme with detailed details, and you will receive our accurate quotation before proceeding.

2. Logo: (OEM / ODM processing) screen printing, bronzing, UV printing, color printing, ink-jet printing, laser engraving, etc. according to customer requirements.

3. Packing: (ordinary packing) single into PE bag or bubble bag, plus pearl cotton carton. (safety packaging) export standard packaging. Packaging according to the requirements of the guests, what materials are needed to package the products clearly, can also be customized, we come to complete all the work for you.

4、 Product price: the prices on the website are all reference prices. Different products need to be calculated according to the actual product size, thickness, weight, quantity, process, etc., and purchase bulk discount.

5. Service: within one month after the completion of the transaction, our company will track and return the quality, delivery date and customer service awareness of this batch of products to better provide customers with satisfactory products. If the customer has any objection to the goods within one week after receiving the goods, he can call at any time for feedback, and we will give a satisfactory reply according to the specific situation.