This acrylic tray is versatile and has many purposes for all seasons. Carry food, beverages, plates, bowls, cups, glasses and much more from you kitchen to your dining table or outdoor patio while entertaining guests with ease. Organizer for your jewelry, toiletries, cosmetics in your bathroom. Storage for your pens, pencils, paper, and other office supplies on your desk or in your drawer.The acrylic rectangle drink cupcake tray also can keep toiletries and tea set for hotel.

Our decorative acrylic trays offer a unique and transparent way to serve up some style. Use them to give your next dinner party a little something extra or for a pop of color as a kitchen accent.

We can also print or engrave your logo, text or other pattern on the base, so that these stylish acrylic trays make a great promotion or personalized gifts to your customers and your friends.

custom made acrylic trays

1. The handcrafted acrylic tray is waterproof and food safe, it is great for serving drinks, coffee, tea, candy, so they are widely used at cafe, tea shop, bar, hotel,restaurant and perfect as s stunning tabletop accent, ideal to storage fruit, candy and dim sum, and also great to hold jewelry, cosmetics or other small items.

2. We can customize all kinds of acrylic trays, some acrylic trays can be added protective pads as insert room for changing pattern frequently, so you can insert your photos, graphics below the acrylic trays for personalized displays.

3. The acrylic tray is a great way to organize and present flatware to your guest. The acrylic tray has two handles, so it is a perfect storage device, widely used at homes, stores, restaurants, hotels and so on.

4. The personalized acrylic tray has a DIY paper and pattern, which is sandwiched at the insert space onto the bottom base,which makes such nice acrylic tray easy to replace the paper in seconds.

5. All of our acrylic trays or acrylic trays with handles can be customized, they are perfect as an accessory for your coffee table, as a super chic party tray, a personalized gift.