acrylic serving tray with lid

EVERYTHING IS FRESH: if you too love to meal-prep your entire week, then you know how important it is to have the proper storage containers that will keep your food fresh and will seal the flavor for a long time.

That is why we have created the ultimate storage accessory, The square acrylic container: light, sturdy and big enough for your favorite snacks.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: when it comes to storage containers, quality is all that matters.

4 Compartments Serving Dish

Thick High-End Acrylic Containers

Clear Multifunctional

Lid Included

Sophisticated and elegant

Production process:

1.confirm all the product details

2. Order the acrylic sheet according the design request

3. Cutting,

4. Laser engraving, laser marking,

5. Screen printing, paint spraying, sand blasting,

6. Hot-bend forming, Sticking.

7. Cleaning.

8. Packing.